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koa-passport-example - koa + passport

  •    Javascript

Just a simple example of Koa + Passport with koa-router. Based on koa-passport-example.

koa-firebase - ☕ Koa with Firebase powered starter

  •    Javascript

Simple Firebase Admin Server using Koa. You used Firebase for auth, realtime DB, and all. Finally you need your own server to integrate with 3rd party services, or maybe custom token, or you need server-side operations.

awesome-koa - :dancers: Awesome Koa.js Web Framework


Info: Green Build Status means there should be no Deadlinks in this List. You can find the Testfiles on travis-deadlink-scanner. Info: Lots of the Examples and Boilerplattes are outdated. Also some of the features not work straight out of the Box with the new Version. I'm working on a Boilerplatte with all the cutting edge stuff and will publish it later on my GitHub Account.

koa-tree-router - high performance router for Koa

  •    Javascript

Koa tree router is a high performance router for Koa. Express-style routing using router.get, router.put, router.post, etc.