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TypeDB - A strongly-typed database

  •    Java

TypeDB is a strongly-typed database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers you to tackle complex problems, and TypeQL is its query language. TypeDB allows you to model your domain based on logical and object-oriented principles. Composed of entity, relationship, and attribute types, as well as type hierarchies, roles, and rules, TypeDB allows you to think higher-level as opposed to join-tables, columns, documents, vertices, edges, and properties.

atomspace - The OpenCog hypergraph database, query system and rule engine

  •    C++

The OpenCog AtomSpace is a knowledge representation (KR) database and the associated query/reasoning engine to fetch and manipulate that data, and perform reasoning on it. Data is represented in the form of graphs, and more generally, as hypergraphs; thus the AtomSpace is a kind of graph database, the query engine is a general graph re-writing system, and the rule-engine is a generalized rule-driven inferencing system. The vertices and edges of a graph, known as "Atoms", are used to represent not only "data", but also "procedures"; thus, many graphs are executable programs as well as data structures. The AtomSpace is a platform for building Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) systems. It provides the central knowledge representation component for OpenCog. As such, it is a fairly mature component, on which a lot of other systems are built, and which depend on it for stable, correct operation in a day-to-day production environment.

slot_filling_intent_joint_model - attention based joint model for intent detection and slot filling

  •    Python

Joint model for intent detection and slot filling based on attention, input alignment and knowledge. with ability to detect whether a input sentence is a noise input or meanfuling input by combine feature from domain detection, intent detection and slot filling.

stardog.js - Stardog JavaScript Framework for node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

Universal Javascript fetch wrapper for communicating with the Stardog HTTP server. This framework wraps all the functionality of a client for the Stardog DBMS, and provides access to a full set of functions such as executing SPARQL queries, administrative tasks on Stardog, and the use of the Reasoning API.

ReGraph - Tool for building graph-based hierarchical knowledge representation systems

  •    Python

A graph rewriting library. Documentation is available at http://dev.executableknowledge.org/ReGraph. The ReGraph Python library is a generic framework for modelling graph-based systems. In this context models are viewed as graphs and graph transformations - as a tool to describe both the system evolution and the model evolution read more about the approach.

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