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electron-with-sqlite3 - Sample application for ElectronJS working with Sqlite3

  •    Javascript

The shortcut for showing dev tools on windows in Electron is Command + Alt + I on MacOS. WebContents contains events, etc. for a window. IPC means inter-process communication. The idea here is events. You can fire an event by using send() method along with data to pass, and the subscribers listening to it get the data passed.

bam-api - A GraphQL, "production ready"™ api for internal use at bam, but open sourced as an example !

  •    Javascript

Finding great ressources on the client side graphql is pretty easy, for instance, for apollo, there is https://www.learnapollo.com/. Finding great ressources on the server side is way more difficult. GraphQL is only a spec and there is litterally at least 20 differents languages implementations for the backend.