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kitchen-terraform - Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configurations

  •    Ruby

Kitchen-Terraform enables verification of Terraform state. Kitchen-Terraform provides a set of Test Kitchen plugins which enable a system to use Test Kitchen to converge a Terraform configuration and verify the resulting Terraform state with InSpec controls.

kitchen-ec2 - A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

  •    Ruby

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2. Install ChefDK. If testing things other than Chef cookbooks, please consult your driver's documentation for information on what to install.

ansible-role-cve - Mitigates CVE-2016-5195 aka DirtyCOW

  •    Shell

This role mitigates/patches the defined CVEs. Dirty COW vuln. http://dirtycow.ninja. Defaults to false. This mitigation will need to be run everytime the server it has been applied on restarts.

kitchen-ansiblepush - test-kitchen plugin to use ansible in push mode

  •    Ruby

This kitchen plugin adds ansible as a provisioner in push mode. Ansible will run from your host rather than run from guest instance(s). That also means your code will not be copied to guest. It is designed to just simply work with minimum configuration. Just run as you would normaly do.

kitchen-goss - A test-kitchen verifier plugin for GOSS

  •    Ruby

GOSS is a tool for validating a server's configuration. This kitchen plugin adds Goss support as a validation to kitchen. Since GOSS is written in GO lang. This plugin use sftp to push tests to remote machines no ruby is needed to run verify. Besides the normal config in kitchen.yml goss validation can accept the following options.

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