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stagemonitor - an open source solution to application performance monitoring for java server applications

Stagemonitor is a Java monitoring agent that tightly integrates with time series databases like Elasticsearch, Graphite and InfluxDB to analyze graphed metrics and Kibana to analyze requests and call stacks. It includes preconfigured Grafana and Kibana dashboards that can be customized.If you encounter any issues or if you have a question, don't hesitate to create an issue.

dejavu - The Missing Web UI for Elasticsearch

dejavu is the missing Web UI for Elasticsearch. Its goal is to build a modern Web UI (no page reloads, infinite scroll, filtered views, realtime updates) with 100% client side rendering. It is available today as a hosted app, chrome extension and as a docker image.

sentinl - Kibi + Kibana Alert & Report App for Elasticsearch

Watching your data, 24/7/365.SENTINL 5 extends Kibi/Kibana 5 with Alerting and Reporting functionality to monitor, notify and report on data series changes using standard queries, programmable validators and a variety of configurable actions - Think of it as a free an independent "Watcher" which also has scheduled "Reporting" capabilities (PNG/PDFs snapshots).

kibi - Kibi is a friendly - kept in sync - Kibana fork which add support for joins across indexes and external sources, tabbed navigation interface and more

Kibi extends Kibana 5.5.2 with data intelligence features; the core feature of Kibi is the capability to join and filter data from multiple Elasticsearch indexes and from SQL/NOSQL data sources ("external queries").In addition, Kibi provides UI features and visualizations like dashboard groups, tabs, cross entity relational navigation buttons, an enhanced search results table, analytical aggregators, HTML templates on query results, and much more.

silk - Silk is a port of Kibana 4 project.

Silk is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Solr. Silk is a snap to setup and start using. Silk strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful.

puppet-kibana - Kibana Puppet module by Elastic.

This module manages Kibana for use with Elasticsearch.In addition to managing the Kibana system package and service, this module also exposes options to control the configuration file for Kibana. Kibana plugins are also supported via a native type and provider.


Backup, restore, and deploy changes to Kibana configs, index-patterns, dashboards, searches, and visualizations. It should work for all versions of Kibana, not just 4. We created the project before realizing it though, hence the name :).The intention of kibana4-backup is to make sure any changes you make to your Kibana instance will be backed up in source control, with the ability to easily restore them. Furthermore, it provides a way to deploy changes from source control, to specific environments. Deploying a dashboard from test to prod is as easy as copying a file into a different folder and commiting the change.

ningjs - :rainbow: Demo project + slides for #NingJS conference (2016) in NanJing, China :cn:

This is a tutorial project that will get you started on making your own statistics platform, powered by Nodejs, Statsd, Elasticsearch and Kibana.

dockelk - ELK log transport and aggregation at scale

Clone the repo and run the full stack along with a NGINX container for testing.I've create a dedicated Docker network so each container can have a fix IP.