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vim-anywhere - Use Vim everywhere you've always wanted to

  •    Shell

Once invoked, vim-anywhere will open a buffer. Close it and its contents are copied to your clipboard and your previous application is refocused. You can adjust the shortcut via system preferences.

XCActionBar - "Alfred for Xcode" plugin

  •    Objective-C

If you use Alfred, LaunchBar, QuickSilver or other similar products (and if you don't, you really should!), then you already know what this is all about. XCActionBar is at present only partially supported in Xcode 9. The vast majority of custom actions operate on text and therefore require access to Xcode's internal text views which have changed significantly in Xcode 9. I know of a few other plugins in a similar situation and people are hard at work trying to figure out what the new hook points are. I'm currently not in a position where I can dedicate a lot of time to research this, but I will definitely get to it at some point.

ShortcutMapper - A visual keyboard shortcuts explorer for popular applications.

  •    HTML

The goal of this project is to map out application keyboard shortcuts onto a virtual keyboard, making it easy to find and learn new shortcuts. The shortcut data is scraped from online documentation to reduce error and to keep the data easy to update with newer versions. This project is directly hosted on github from the main gh-pages branch. All changes to this branch are live.

vim-cheatsheet - 📟 My personal vim cheatsheet


Disclaimer: This cheatsheet is summarized from personal experience and other online tutorials. It should not be considered as an official advice.

combokeys - Web browser keyboard shortcuts. CommonJS, NPM.

  •    Javascript

Combokeys is a JavaScript library for handling keyboard shortcuts in the browser. It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

macos-fn-toggle - A macOS app to quickly toggle the behavior of the fn key.

  •    Makefile

fn-toggle.app programmatically toggles the "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" option in macOS System Preferences. A task that is tedious when done manually, which especially keyboard-heavy users, such as programmers, tend to do very often.

PowerKey - Remap your Macbook's power key to Forward Delete

  •    Objective-C

PowerKey remaps your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air's Power key. Remapping the Power key to Forward Delete ⌦ is the most popular replacement.

rearrange-tabs - Google Chrome Extension to rearrange your tabs using keyboard shortcuts

  •    Javascript

Rearrange Tabs is a tiny Google Chrome Extension that allows users to rearrange the position of the tabs in a window by moving them around using keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are configurable via chrome://extensions page.

inkscape_onionskin - Several plugins for Inkscape to ease creation of animations

  •    Python

Place the files as indicated below within your Inkscape extensions directory, then reload Inkscape. You should see new options in the menu: Extensions > Animation > ... Copy the files shown under Requirements, then copy files for the plugins you want to activate, as shown below.

xkeysnail - Yet another keyboard remapping tool for X environment

  •    Python

xkeysnail is yet another keyboard remapping tool for X environment written in Python. It's like xmodmap but allows more flexible remappings. The key remapping mechanism of xkeysnail is based on pykeymacs (https://github.com/DreaminginCodeZH/pykeymacs).

react-combo-keys - React declarative API to bind keyboard shortcuts

  •    Javascript

Declarative API with React to bind keyboard shortcuts using Mousetrap.

keyboard-manager - Small keyboard shortcut management for DOM-based applications

  •    TypeScript

Small keyboard shortcut management for DOM-based applications. Keyboard Manager uses a simple queue, processed from newest to oldest, of listener functions to execute keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard event propagation stops when handled, but returning true from the listener will continue propagation to older listeners.

tsrlt-chrome-extension - Switch and toggle between your two recently used Chrome tabs from the keyboard

  •    Javascript

A Google Chrome extension to switch back and forth between your current and last recently used tab by pressing Alt + Q on your keyboard. Download & Install: Automatically using Chrome Webstore or manually using Latest releases.

evscript - A tiny sandboxed Dyon scripting environment for evdev input devices that lets you do e

  •    Rust

In the X11 world, we had wonderful programs like xcape and xdotool that injected fake keypresses to do whatever cool things we wanted. In the brave new world of Wayland, security is king, so there's no access to global input. No keyloggers, no geeky keyboard tricks, no text macro expanders, no UI testing/automation, screw you. Wayland compositor authors could have agreed on a protocol like this one to allow all this useful functionality, but with secure access control, just like on macOS where this requires ticking a checkbox in accessibility settings. But no, their attitude has been "screw you, because security". Oh well.

novim-mode - Plugin to make Vim behave more like a 'normal' editor

  •    Vim

Some, indeed many, may say this is counter-productive or even sacrilegious. But Vim is a lot more than just a keybinding paradigm; firstly it has one of the richest plugin ecosystems of any editor, but also it is a -if not the most- ubiquitous text editor that's been battle tested for over 25 years. There are more reasons to use it than merely its famous shortcut vocabulary. This plugin is an attempt to expose everything else about Vim without the overhead of cultivating Normal Mode fluency. This is not a rebellion, it is merely a manifestation of the distinction between Vim the editor and Vim the keybinding paradigm. Please do not dismiss Normal Mode just because this plugin exists, give vimtutor a try, modal editing is popular for a reason.

switch-recent-tabs-chrome-extension - Chrome Switch Recent Tabs with Alt + Q

  •    Javascript

A Google Chrome extension to switch between your recently used tabs pressing Alt + Q on your keyboard. For further information, please consult the FAQ.

paredit-cheatsheet - A new, scalable source document for the Paredit Cheatsheet available as a png on the Emacs wiki

  •    TeX

An attempt to create a new, scalable source document for the popular Paredit Cheatsheet (the one that's available as a png at the Emacs Wiki). Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

plusastab - A jQuery plugin to use the numpad plus key (configurable) as a tab key equivalent.

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin to use the numpad plus key (configurable) as a tab key equivalent. With PlusAsTab, elements can be marked as plussable, allowing the user to use the + on the numeric keypad (numpad or tenkey for short) to navigate page. For numeric input it is closer than the tab key and therefor increases input speed and allows for one-handed entry in multiple fields.

emacs-anywhere - :pencil: Open emacs from anywhere

  •    Shell

Many times you'd like to edit or create content on Emacs and then put it somewhere else. This process is made seamless. Hit the keyboard shortcut to load emacs and when you save and quit that content will be copied on to the clipboard. emacs-anywhere is currently built for Mac OSX.

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