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Vim - :star: Vim for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

VSCodeVim is a Vim emulator for Visual Studio Code. VSCodeVim is automatically enabled following installation and reloading of VSCode.

vscode-atom-keybindings - Port of Atom Keybindings for VS Code.

  •    Javascript

Popular Atom keybindings for Visual Studio Code

react-keybinding - declarative and robust keybindings for react

  •    Javascript

Declarative, lightweight, and robust keybindings mixin for React.Install with npm and use in your React projects with either browserify or webpack.

SlowQuitApps - Add a global delay to Command-Q to stop accidental app quits.

  •    Objective-C

An OS X app that adds a global delay of 1 second to the Cmd-Q shortcut. In other words, you have to hold down Cmd-Q for 1 second before an application will quit. When the delay is active, an overlay is drawn at the center of the screen.

brackets-display-shortcuts - Brackets Extension to Display Shortcuts in bottom panel

  •    Javascript

This is an Extension for Brackets. This extension is accessed in Brackets using menu Help > Show Shortcuts or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-/ on Windows and Control-Alt-/ on Mac.

key-seq.el - map pairs of sequentially pressed keys to commands

  •    Emacs

key-seq.el provides a way to map pairs of sequentially but quickly pressed keys to commands. It includes two interactive functions: key-seq-define-global and key-seq-define which are complementary to key-chord-* functions found in key-chord.el. The difference is that key-seq-* functions produce bindings only in a defined key order while bindings defined with key-chord-* are symmetrical. For key delay and other customizations see key-chord.el documentation.

keybindings - Remap arrow keys to ijkl and make use of caps lock

  •    AutoHotkey

My preferred key bindings for both Linux and Windows. Make use of caps lock, remap arrow keys to { i, j, k, l } and extra stuff.

spyder-vim - A plugin for Spyder to enable Vim keybindings

  •    Python

Since mid November/2017, Anaconda, Inc has stopped funding Spyder development, after doing it for the past 18 months. Because of that, development will focus from now on maintaining Spyder 3 at a much slower pace than before. We appreciate all the help you can provide us and can't thank you enough for supporting the work of Spyder devs and Spyder development.

monaco-vim - VIM keybindings for monaco

  •    Javascript

Add this script https://unpkg.com/monaco-vim/dist/monaco-vim.js after monaco-editor's script tag. Make sure that monaco is already available on the window global. Vim will be available as MonacoVim global. Here, editor is initialized instance of monaco editor and the 2nd argument should be the node where you would like to place/show the VIM status info.

convert-css-in-js - Convert kebab-case CSS to camelCase CSS and vice versa

  •    Javascript

Select some block of text in a javascript or typescript file and use cmd+shift+p to bring up the command palette, then select Convert CSS-in-JS. Or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift+j (ctrl+shift+j on Windows).

vscode-jetbrains-keybindings - :electric_plug: JetBrains IDE Keymap Extension for VS Code

  •    Javascript

Inspired by Microsoft vscode-sublime-keybindings. This extension ports the most popular IDE of JetBrains keymap to VS Code. After installing the extension and restarting VS Code your keymap from JetBrains are now available.

vscode-delphi-keybindings - Delphi Keybindings for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Delphi Keymap is an open source extension created for Visual Studio Code. While being free and open source, if you find it useful, please consider supporting it. This extension ports popular Delphi keyboard shortcuts to Visual Studio Code.

vscode-notepadplusplus-keybindings - Notepad++ Keybindings extension for VS Code

  •    Javascript

This extension ports popular Notepad++ keyboard shortcuts to Visual Studio Code. After installing the extension and restarting VS Code your favorite keyboard shortcuts from Notepad++ are now available. We may have missed a keyboard shortcut. If we did please help us out! It is very easy to make a PR.

react-keybinding-component - A declarative keybinding component for React

  •    TypeScript

react-keybinding-component is a component that will help you set up keybindings in your app. For the moment, only simple key events are supported (one key only, keyup, keydown). It's just a less dirty way of using key events instead of having care of them with componentDidMount() in multiple components. Have a look at options.

static-hands - ⌨️🤯 Stop moving hands, and start code fast ⚡⚡

  •    Javascript

⌨️ Super useful shortcuts with the CapsLock key that spare the need to move hands while typing. Super simple. No learning curve. All of the shortcuts uses the CapsLock key, that 99% of programmers don't use 99% of their time. With static hands, you can let CapsLock turn your keyboard into a magical hands position fixed keyboard.

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