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nconf - Hierarchical node

  •    Javascript

Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.The top-level of nconf is an instance of the nconf.Provider abstracts this all for you into a simple API.

react-native-simple-store - A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage.

  •    Javascript

A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage. The react-native-simple-store is a good match for apps that are not using redux. If you have already found that your app needs to use redux and you need to persist data to the device it is recommended that you make use of redux-persist which provides a clean interface for storing data in your reducers to device.

nconf-redis - A redis store for nconf

  •    Javascript

tldr;?: To break the nconf codebase into small modules that work together.The store provided by nconf-redis will persist all of your configuration settings to a Redis server. All calls to .get(), .set(), .clear(), .reset() are asynchronous taking an additional callback parameter.

configue - Configue All the Things.js

  •    Javascript

Configue is a node.js config library to easily customize your app from argv, env, files and more. It defines a conventional workflow to load a config from environment variables, command line arguments, files, that you can easily configure and extend.

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