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HEVD_Kernel_Exploit - Exploits pack for the Windows Kernel mode driver HackSysExtremeVulnerableDriver written for educational purposes

My HackSysExtremeVulnerableDriver exploits pack for education purposes developed under Windows 7 x86 SP1. The x86 version of this exploit does not bypass SMEP. Although, in the x64 directory - some sample x64 exploits against HEVD are released that might need to employ SMEP bypasses.

rvtests - Rare variant test software for next generation sequencing data

Rvtests, which stands for Rare Variant tests, is a flexible software package for genetic association analysis for sequence datasets. Since its inception, rvtests was developed as a comprehensive tool to support genetic association analysis and meta-analysis. It can analyze both unrelated individual and related (family-based) individuals for both quantitative and binary outcomes. It includes a variety of association tests (e.g. single variant score test, burden test, variable threshold test, SKAT test, fast linear mixed model score test). It takes VCF/BGEN/PLINK format as genotype input file and takes PLINK format phenotype file and covariate file. With new implementation of the BOLT-LMM/MINQUE algorithm as well as a series of software engineering optimizations, our software package is capable of analyzing datasets of up to 1,000,000 individuals in linear mixed models on a computer workstation, which makes our tool one of the very few options for analyzing large biobank scale datasets, such as UK Biobank. RVTESTS supports both single variant and gene-level tests. It also allows for highly effcient generation of covariance matrices between score statistics in RAREMETAL format, which can be used to support the next wave of meta-analysis that incorporates large biobank datasets.

sos - Sian's Operating System

Sian's experimenting Operating System written in C++. it's a 32bit os kernel and runs on uniprocessor. Like makefile indicated, this is a x86 kernel, and you need a i686 gcc cross compiler for building and running it. see here for the information. I think it also works under a 32bit GNU/Linux distribution. you may need to specify -Wl,--build-id=none for successful compiling. The kernel follows multiboot protocol and need a hd img with grub2 preinstalled. Here is a premade image for testing.