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dashboards - Responsive dashboard templates for Bootstrap 📊✨

  •    HTML

Building an analytics dashboard? Don’t start from scratch. Grab one of our Bootstrap-based templates and admire your data in minutes. UPDATE: All examples in this repo have been updated to use keen-dataviz.js and keen-analysis.js, as well as CDN versions of all dependencies. When producing charts with keen-dataviz.js, the HTML wrapper for each chart (.chart-wrapper, described below) is rendered automatically.

keen-js - Keen.io JavaScript SDKs

  •    Javascript

If you haven’t done so already, login to Keen to create a project. The Project ID and API Keys are available on the Access page of the Project Console. You will need these for the next steps. What is an event? An event is a record of something important happening in the life of your app or service: like a click, a purchase, or a device activation.

explorer - Data Explorer by Keen IO - point-and-click interface for analyzing and visualizing event data

  •    Javascript

Check out the demo here. The Keen IO Explorer is an open source point-and-click interface for querying and visualizing your event data. It's maintained by the team at Keen IO. If you haven’t done so already, login to Keen IO to create a project for your app. You'll need a Keen IO account to create a project. The Project ID and API Keys are available on the Project Overview page. You will need these for the next steps.

keen-sdk-net - A .NET SDK for the Keen IO API

  •    CSharp

The Keen IO .NET SDK can be used to do custom analytics and event tracking for .NET applications. Use this SDK to capture large volumes of event data such as user actions, errors, server interactions, or any arbitrary event you specify. The SDK posts your events to Keen IO, a highly available, scalable cloud datastore. See Keen IO docs for instructions on extracting, querying, and building custom analytics with your data. The .NET SDK is currently comprised of a single project which produces two DLLs from which to choose based on the target platform.

keen-io-sendgrid-dashboard - This is a dashboard built with Keen IO + SendGrid's Event Webhook Data

  •    Javascript

This is a dashboard built using Keen IO, SendGrid's Event Webhook Data, and the Keen IO's Dashboards project. It's the final result of following a tutorial I wrote that can be found here.

keen-botkit - Analytics for Botkit by Keen IO

  •    Javascript

We've made it very easy to track messages and conversations within your Slack bot (built with bot-kit), so you can analyze the usage of your bot. If you have custom needs, you can always fork this project and make modifications.

keen-dataviz.js - Data Visualization Library for Keen.io

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript data visualization library for Keen. Include keen-dataviz.js and keen-dataviz.css within your page or project. Visualizations are powered by the C3.js and D3.js libraries, already included in our bundled js file.

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