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scrypt-async-js - Fast "async" scrypt implementation in JavaScript

Fast "async" scrypt implementation in JavaScript.Works in browsers without throwing "kill slow script" warnings due to configurable interruptStep, which yields from calculation. Compatible even with old versions of IE. Also works with Node.js (but you should really use the C implementation for that).

scryptsy - Scrypt KDF is used for BIP38 (encryption of private keys) and proof of work for some crypto currencies

scryptsy is a pure Javascript implementation of the scrypt key derivation function that is fully compatible with Node.js and the browser (via Browserify).Scrypt is an integral part of many crypto currencies. It's a part of the BIP38 standard for encrypting private Bitcoin keys. It also serves as the proof-of-work system for many crypto currencies, most notably: Litecoin and Dogecoin.