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karma-cordova-launcher - A Karma plugin. Launch on Apache Cordova

  •    Javascript

This launcher is typically used to test your unit tests locally on a mobile device emulator. It is expected that you are already familiar with Karma when configuring this launcher, so if you are new to Karma, head over to the Karma website. To configure this launcher, you need to add the cordovaSettings property to your top-level Karma config. The browsers array needs to include Cordova.

karma-electron-launcher - A Karma Plugin. Launcher for github electron shell.

  •    Javascript

Launcher for electron. Karma launcher for GitHub Electron inspired by Karma Nodewebkit Launcher.

karma-jsdom-launcher - A Karma plugin. Launcher for jsdom.

  •    Javascript

Launcher for jsdom. to install all your dependencies.

karma-nightmare - ⚡ A Karma plugin. Launcher for Nightmare

  •    Javascript

You can use require as below, in your test. The options attribute allows you to initialize properties on the nightmare browser window. The available options are documented here.

karma-edge-launcher - A Karma plugin. Launcher for Microsoft Edge.

  •    Javascript

Launcher for Microsoft Edge. This is a fork of the launcher for Internet Explorer. Originally located at nickmccurdy/karma-edge-launcher.

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