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arkade - Open Source Kubernetes Marketplace

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arkade provides a portable marketplace for downloading your favourite devops CLIs and installing helm charts, with a single command. You can also download CLIs like kubectl, kind, kubectx and helm faster than you can type "apt-get/brew update".

k3sup - k3sup: from Zero to KUBECONFIG in < 1 min

  •    Go

k3sup is a light-weight utility to get from zero to KUBECONFIG with k3s on any local or remote VM. All you need is ssh access and the k3sup binary to get kubectl access immediately. The tool is written in Go and is cross-compiled for Linux, Windows, MacOS and even on Raspberry Pi.

turing-pi-cluster - Turing Pi cluster configuration for Raspberry Pi Compute Modules

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You might also be interested in another Raspberry-Pi cluster I've maintained for years, the Raspberry Pi Dramble, which is a Kubernetes Pi cluster in my basement that hosts www.pidramble.com. Other models of Raspberry Pi and Compute Modules may or may not work, but the main thing you need is a cluster with at least 7 GB of RAM and at least 12 available CPU cores (every current Pi has 4 CPU cores), otherwise not all of the software will be able to run well.

k3d - Little helper to run Rancher Lab's k3s in Docker

  •    Go

This repository is based on @zeerorg's zeerorg/k3s-in-docker, reimplemented in Go by @iwilltry42 in iwilltry42/k3d, which is now rancher/k3d. or...

k3s-ansible - Ansible playbook to deploy k3s kubernetes cluster


This repository is now part of https://github.com/rancher/k3s official repo in contrib/ansible directory. Anyway I'll write updates in order to make PM in k3s. Be my guest and feel free to contribute.

workshop-vscode - Run a Kubernetes workshop with VSCode in the browser

  •    Shell

All tools are pre-installed with OpenFaaS on Kubernetes (k3s) available in the browser terminal. This project provides a pre-installed Kubernetes environment within a VM so that your students can focus on your workshop.

k3s-vagrant - k3s k8s cluster playground

  •    Shell

Install the base debian vagrant box. Optionally, start the rgl/gitlab-vagrant environment at ../gitlab-vagrant. If you do this, this environment will have the gitlab-runner helm chart installed in the k8s cluster.

ote-stack - OTE-Stack is an edge computing platform for 5G and AI

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OTE-Stack is an edge computing platform for 5G and AI. By virtualization it can shield heterogeneous characteristics and gives a unified access of cloud edge, mobile edge and private edge. For AI it provides low-latency, high-reliability and cost-optimal computing support at the edge through the cluster management and intelligent scheduling of multi-tier clusters. And at the same time OTE-Stack makes device-edge-cloud collaborative computing possible. Note: OTE-Stack is a heavy work in progress.

youtube-10k-pods - 10,000 Kubernetes Pods for 10,000 Subscribers


tl;dr: See the blog post that accompanies this project: 10,000 Kubernetes Pods for 10,000 Subscribers. This repository contains automation to build a large Kubernetes cluster in AWS, and run 10,000 Pods on that cluster. And it does it two ways, because I realized that the first way didn't work without running 1,000 vCPUs in my brand new AWS account (AWS support usually doesn't look kindly on people who open a new account and immediately ask for insane capacity increases!).

ansible-role-helm - Ansible role - Helm


This role installs the Helm binary on any supported host. Controls for the version of Helm to be installed. See available Helm releases. You can upgrade or downgrade versions by changing the helm_version.

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