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docker-compose-rule - A JUnit rule to manage docker containers using docker-compose

  •    Java

The code here started out as the end to end tests for one of our products. We needed to test this product in a variety of different configurations and environments which were mutually incompatible, thus multiple Docker Compose files were needed and so a simplistic model of running docker-compose up in Gradle was insufficient.For the most basic use simply add a DockerComposeRule object as a @ClassRule or @Rule in a JUnit test class.

junit-dataprovider - A TestNG like dataprovider runner for JUnit with many additional features

  •    Java

Have a look to this repositories Wiki pages for documenation, usage examples and further information. You are very welcome to contribute by providing a patch/pull request, see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.

kafka-junit - This library wraps Kafka's embedded test cluster, allowing you to more easily create and run integration tests using JUnit against a "real" kafka server running within the context of your tests

  •    Java

This library wraps Kafka's embedded test cluster, allowing you to more easily create and run integration tests using JUnit against a "real" kafka server running within the context of your tests.

allure-java - Allure integrations for java test frameworks

  •    Java

The repository contains new versions of adaptors for JVM-based test frameworks. All the artifacts are deployed to https://dl.bintray.com/qameta/maven.

jbehave-junit-runner - Integrate JBehave better with JUnit

  •    Java

Library designed to make JBehave stories & scenarios show up in the JUnit view in IDEs supportting custom test runners

rules4android - A collection of JUnit 4 Rules for Android Developers 🔬

  •    Kotlin

This repo contains the source code related to this article: Don't be lazy, use @Rules. rules4android is distributed through JCenter. To use it you need to add the following Gradle dependency to your android app gradle file (NOT the root file).

fuzzy - A handy little library for writing expressive "fuzz tests" in Java

  •    Java

A tool that generates randomized but deterministic values for use in test suites.

marvel - Marvel Characters Android Application Assigned by smava GmbH

  •    Java

This repository holds the source code of the Marvel Application, a simple Android client for the Marvel.com. This application was created by Mohsen Mirhoseini, as part of the technical assessment by the smava GmbH team. It also has been used as a sample project for a series of technical articles and tutorials. The application includes two Activities, Main and Character Activities. The Main Activity is consist of two Fragments, Search and Cache Fragments, which are responsible for searching new Marvel characters and presenting recently searched characters.

idea-junit-5-converter-plugin - Convert your tests from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5 format

  •    Java

Convert your JUnit 4 tests into JUnit 5 Jupiter with the simple contextual converter to help convert your tests with ease. In development. More features to come.

selenium-webdriver-java - A comprehensive collection of examples of Selenium WebDriver 4 using Java as language binding

  •    Java

This repository contains a comprehensive collection of examples about Selenium WebDriver 4 using Java as language binding. It has been implemented as a multi-module project (using Maven and Gradle as build tools) composed of tests based on different frameworks: JUnit 4, JUnit 5 (alone or extended with Selenium-Jupiter), and TestNG. selenium-webdriver-java (Copyright © 2021) is an open-source project created and maintained by Boni Garcia, licensed under the terms of Apache 2.0 License.

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