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Truth - Fluent assertions for Java

  •    Java

Truth makes your test assertions and failure messages more readable. Similar to AssertJ, it natively supports many JDK and Guava types, and it is extensible to others.

testcontainers-java - Testcontainers is a Java 8 library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container

  •    Java

Testcontainers is a Java 8 library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container. See LICENSE.

FluentLenium - FluentLenium is a website automation framework which extends Selenium to write reliable and resilient UI functional tests

  •    Java

FluentLenium makes the writing of acceptance testing more easy and in a fluent way using the power of css selectors. Build upon Selenium WebDriver. goTo("http://www.bing.com"); $("#sb_form_q").fill().with("FluentLenium"); $("#sb_form_go").submit(); assertThat(title()).contains("FluentLenium");

android-testing-guide - [Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples.

  •    Java

Complete reference for Android Testing with examples. A unit test generally exercises the functionality of the smallest possible unit of code (which could be a method, class, or component) in a repeatable way.

mastering-junit5 - A comprehensive collection of test examples created with JUnit 5

  •    Java

The project Rate my cat! contains a sample web application based on Spring Boot (Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, and Spring Data JPA) with a complete set of JUnit 5 tests (unit with Mockito, integration with Spring, and end-to-end tests with Selenium). This is a project made by Boni Garcia, Visiting Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Copyright © 2017-2021.

android-junit5 - Testing with JUnit 5 for Android.

  •    Kotlin

A Gradle plugin that allows for the execution of JUnit 5 tests in Android environments using Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 or later. This plugin configures the unit test tasks for each build variant of a project to run on the JUnit Platform. Furthermore, it provides additional configuration options for these tests through a DSL attached to android.testOptions.

docker-compose-rule - A JUnit rule to manage docker containers using docker-compose

  •    Java

The code here started out as the end to end tests for one of our products. We needed to test this product in a variety of different configurations and environments which were mutually incompatible, thus multiple Docker Compose files were needed and so a simplistic model of running docker-compose up in Gradle was insufficient.For the most basic use simply add a DockerComposeRule object as a @ClassRule or @Rule in a JUnit test class.

grunt-scss-lint - A Grunt task to lint your SCSS

  •    Javascript

This plugin requires Grunt >= 0.4.0 and scss-lint >= 0.18.0. It is recommended to use the scss_lint gem as that is the currently maintained version. Run this task with the grunt scsslint command.

rspec_junit_formatter - RSpec results formatted as JUnit XML that your CI can read

  •    Ruby

RSpec 2 & 3 results that Jenkins can read. Probably a few other CI services, too. Inspired by the work of Diego Souza on RSpec Formatters after frustration with CI Reporter.

cucumber-formatter - Custom formatter for Cucumber

  •    Ruby

Custom formatter for Cucumber that defends against timecop overriding Time.now. Timecop redefines Time.now to Time.now_without_mock_time. If that method exists, then we call that method instead of Time.now.

jqwik - Property-Based Testing on the JUnit Platform

  •    Java

An alternative test engine for the JUnit 5 platform that focuses on Property-Based Testing.

junit-report-builder - Aimed at making it easier to build Jenkins compatible JUnit XML reports in plugins for testing frameworks

  •    CoffeeScript

A project aimed at making it easier to build Jenkins compatible XML based JUnit reports. Please refer to the e2e_spec.coffee for more details on the usage.

aspen - Aspen is a test runner for Kotlin that allows you to write tests using your own DSL.

  •    Kotlin

Aspen is a JUnit runner for Kotlin. It's inspired by Ruby's RSpec syntax, the default DSL has a lot more restrictions but you can create your own DSL if it does not fit your needs. If you were to use AssertJ for assertions.

tutorial-java-tdd - Tutorials about implementing TDD in Java

  •    Java

Source code for the Test Driven Development class. tdd-fill-the-code-starting-from-test: just the tests, write the ocde to make them pass.

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