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vflow - Enterprise Network Flow Collector (IPFIX, sFlow, Netflow)

  •    Go

High-performance, scalable and reliable IPFIX, sFlow and Netflow collector (written in pure Golang).You can download and install pre-built debian package as below (RPM and Linux binary are available).

goflow - The high-scalability sFlow/NetFlow/IPFIX collector used internally at Cloudflare.

  •    Go

This application is a NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow collector in Go. It gather the network informations (IP, interfaces, routers) from the different flow protocols, serialize it in a protobuf format and sends the message to Kafka using Sarama's library.

psproxy - Executable for enablling or disabling proxy settings for Junos Pulse Secure VPN

  •    Shell

A simple way to toggle the proxy settings for Pulse Secure VPN. This utility was created to solve the problem of Charles Proxy(v3.10.2) not working when connected to a VPN using Pulse Secure(v5.2.5) on Mac OS X (v10.10.5).

juniper_rocket - Rocket integration for Juniper, the GraphQL server library for Rust

  •    Rust

THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED. Please see the Juniper main repo for up to date instructions.

zbx_template_pack - Zabbix Templates Pack of SNMP(for now) devices that have same set of items and triggers regardless of device vendor and oid

  •    Perl

The idea behind this template pack is to provide single template class for each device type and just define SNMP oids required to collect common metrics like CPU utilization, Memory, Temperature and so on to generate new template for new vendor. So all templates are generated using only SNMP OIDs and other vendor specific details. LLD details, Context macros values and other attributes can be optionally provided. The rest is added automatically, including item names, descriptions, triggers and so on.

pyNMS - A vendor-agnostic NMS for carrier-grade network simulation and automation

  •    Python

Maps can be displayed in pyNMS to draw all network devices at their exact location (longitude and latitude), using the mercator or azimuthal orthographic projections. Networks can be exported as a .KML file to be displayed on Google Earth, with the same icons and link colors as in pyNMS.

gortr - The RPKI-to-Router server used at Cloudflare

  •    Go

GoRTR is an open-source implementation of RPKI to Router protocol (RFC 6810) using the the Go Programming Language. This software comes with no warranty.

napalm-salt - Modules for event-driven network automation and orchestration using Salt

  •    Python

New to Salt? Check out this document for a brief introduction to get up to speed on the basics. Throughout the rest of this document, we'll set up a test environment to run some salt commands against routers. This test environment uses a vagrant VM running Ubuntu 16.04, which acts as a salt-master as well as a proxy-master, which establishes and maintains connections to the routers in order to execute commands on them.

ixgen - Ixgen is yet-another open-source, multi-platform generator for peering configurations on IXs incorporating the global peeringdb api, but also is able to spin up its own "compatible" server for faster results

  •    Go

Ixgen is yet-another open-source, multi-platform generator for peering configurations on IXs incorporating the global peeringdb api, but also is able to spin up its own "compatible" server for faster results. Ixgen is configured by an INI- or JSON-style format, producing custom template-driven or fixed json-style configurations, that can be printed on the terminal, to a file or served by HTTP. Direct access to routers REST-APIs and ssh/scp-upload is planned. Ixgen is shipped with cross-compiled executables for Darwin, Linux and Windows. Only Linux and Darwin currently support the prefixfilter generator.

mlxsh - mlxsh is the missing, fast power command-line and shell that enables you to enter configuration changes or run commands simultaneously to groups of Brocade or Extreme Networks Netiron devices (MLX, CER, MLXE, XMR, Ironware), SLX-Devices or Juniper switches via Secure Shell (ssh)

  •    Go

mlxsh is the missing power command-line that enables you to enter configuration changes or operating commands to groups of Brocade / Extreme Networks Netiron devices (MLX, MLXE, CER, XMR), other Ironware style devices like Turboiron, ICX and also SLX/VDX switches and new (since 0.3) also for Juniper switches. SLX support.

vpnc - Fork of IPsec (Cisco/Juniper) VPN concentrator client started by Maurice Massar

  •    C

VPNC is a VPN client compatible with Cisco's EasyVPN equipment. It supports IPSec (ESP) with Mode Configuration and Xauth. Supports only shared-secret IPSec authentication with Xauth, AES (256, 192, 128), 3DES, 1DES, MD5, SHA1, DH1/2/5 and IP tunneling. It runs entirely in userspace. Only "Universal TUN/TAP device driver support" is needed in kernel. This repository has been forked to follow works started originally by Maurice Massar. For more informations about that, please, point to VPNC original web page.