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js-stack-from-scratch - 🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to my modern JavaScript stack tutorial: JavaScript Stack from Scratch. This is a straight-to-the-point guide to assembling a JavaScript stack. It requires some general programming knowledge, and JavaScript basics. It focuses on wiring tools together and giving you the simplest possible example for each tool. You can see this tutorial as a way to write your own boilerplate from scratch. Since the goal of this tutorial is to assemble various tools, I do not go into details about how these tools work individually. Refer to their documentation or find other tutorials if you want to acquire deeper knowledge in them.

jss - JSS is an authoring tool for CSS which uses JavaScript as a host language.

  •    Javascript

JSS is a more powerful abstraction over CSS. It uses JavaScript as a language to describe styles in a declarative and maintainable way. It is a high performance JS to CSS compiler which works at runtime and server-side. This core library is low level and framework agnostic. It is about 6KB (minified and gzipped) and is extensible via plugins API. Feel free to ask any JSS related questions on twitter by using hashtag #cssinjs and mentioning @oleg008, watch my latest talk about "Unique Value Proposition of CSSinJS" and try it on a playground.

react-jss - JSS integration for React.

  •    Javascript

React-JSS provides components for JSS as a layer of abstraction. JSS and the default preset are already built in! Try it out in the playground. React-JSS wraps your component with a higher-order component. It injects a classes prop, which is a simple map of rule names and generated class names. It can act both as a simple wrapping function and as an ES7 decorator.

styled-tools - Useful interpolated functions for CSS-in-JS

  •    Javascript

Useful interpolated functions for styled-components 💅, emotion 👩‍🎤, JSS and other CSS-in-JS libraries. Same as prop, except that it returns props.theme[path] instead of props[path].

jss-material-ui - A enhanced styling engine for material-ui

  •    Javascript

Material-ui 1.0 is a great react library, but its css to jss styling could be enhanced. The first style is applied to the corresponding styled component.

gatsby-plugin-material-ui - Gatsby plugin that adds SSR support for Material UI

  •    Javascript

Define your material-ui theme. And add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js.


  •    Javascript

Normalize file for Emotion CSS-in-JS library. The original normalize.css is pulled from necolas/normalize.css, and parsed into emotion ready format.

a-journey-toward-better-style - A Journey toward better style

  •    Javascript

We started looking for the best styling solution available. Nathan Marks built a custom solution for the needs of Material-UI: stylishly. Ultimately we reverted. We think that it's much better to rely on the community. Still, that was a very valuable experimentation. Regarding the community, looking at the MicheleBertoli's repository. You can tell that there is a lot a solution available.

react-with-styles-interface-jss - Interface to use react-with-styles with JSS. :tropical_fish:

  •    Javascript

Interface to use react-with-styles with JSS. Interface to use react-with-styles with JSS.

jss-theme-reactor - Powerful theming layer for use with the jss CSS in JS library

  •    Javascript

Install jss-theme-reactor. A super simple example demonstrating the basic functionality.


  •    Javascript

This is a convenience module for JSS that converts CSS string into JSS object. It allows to describe style classes for components in a habitual and little less verbose way. Note: in this case, you cannot use variables in the template string (at least for now).

styler - CSS-in-JS tools for Angular applications

  •    TypeScript

Keep CSS in TypeScript. Use import with .forRoot() only once on the top level.

JamfKit - A JSS communication framework written in Swift

  •    Swift

JamfKit is an iOS / macOS / tvOS framework to communicate with the JSS API offered by any Jamf host.

css-vendor - Runtime vendor prefixing based on feature detection.

  •    Javascript

Test if property is supported, returns false if not. Returns string if supported. May add a vendor prefix if needed. Test if value is supported, returns false if not. Returns string if supported. May add a vendor prefix if needed.

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