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jsrender - A lightweight, powerful and highly extensible templating engine

  •    Javascript

JsRender is a light-weight but powerful templating engine, highly extensible, and optimized for high-performance rendering, without DOM dependency. It is designed for use in the browser or on Node.js, with or without jQuery. JsRender and JsViews together provide the next-generation implementation of the official jQuery plugins JQuery Templates, and JQuery Data Link -- and supersede those libraries.

jsviews - Interactive data-driven views, MVVM and MVP, built on top of JsRender templates

  •    Javascript

JsViews builds on top of JsRender templates, and adds data-binding and observable data, to provide a fully-fledged MVVM platform for easily creating interactive data-driven single-page apps and websites. Documentation, downloads, samples and API docs and tutorials are available on the www.jsviews.com website.

jsrender-node-starter - Starter app for using JsRender for Node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js app using JsRender to render templated views on the server, with Express 4, Hapi, or directly in the HTTP response. This sample shows some of the features of JsRender Node integration, and provides a starting point for your own Node projects using templated rendering.