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ajv - The fastest JSON Schema Validator. Supports draft-04/06/07

  •    Javascript

The fastest JSON Schema validator for Node.js and browser. Supports draft-04/06/07.JSON Schema draft-07 is published.

is-my-json-valid - A JSONSchema validator that uses code generation to be extremely fast

  •    Javascript

It passes the entire JSONSchema v4 test suite except for remoteRefs and maxLength/minLength when using unicode surrogate pairs.

json-editor - JSON Schema Based Editor

  •    Javascript

JSON Editor takes a JSON Schema and uses it to generate an HTML form. It has full support for JSON Schema version 3 and 4 and can integrate with several popular CSS frameworks (bootstrap, foundation, and jQueryUI). Download the production version (22K when gzipped) or the development version.

jsonschema - JSON Schema validation

  •    Javascript

JSON schema validator, which is designed to be fast and simple to use. The latest IETF published draft is v6, this library is mostly v4 compatible. Please fork the repository, make the changes in your fork and include tests. Once you're done making changes, send in a pull request.

RxDB - A realtime Database for the Web

  •    Javascript

RxDB is a realtime Database for the Web. It is reactive data-handling based on RxJS. It helps App to work even without internet. It supports Mango-Query, Encryption, Import/Export of database and lot more.

json-schema-faker - JSON-Schema + fake data generators

  •    Javascript

Use JSON Schema along with fake generators to provide consistent and meaningful fake data for your system. Usage info from README.md was moved to docs/, read more.

ajv - The fastest JSON schema Validator

  •    TypeScript

The fastest JSON validator for Node.js and browser. Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 (draft-04 support requires ajv-draft-04 package) and JSON Type Definition RFC8927.

fluent-json-schema - A fluent API to generate JSON schemas

  •    Javascript

A fluent API to generate JSON schemas (draft-07) for Node.js and browser. Framework agnostic.

ajv-merge-patch - $merge and $patch keywords for Ajv JSON-Schema validator to extend schemas

  •    Javascript

The keywords $merge and $patch allow to extend the JSON-schemas using patches in the format JSON Merge Patch (RFC 7396) or JSON Patch (RFC 6902).Valid data: { foo: 'a' }, { foo: 'a', bar: { foo: 'b' } } etc.

jsonlint-cli - 📐cli wrapper for jsonlint

  •    Javascript

Thin wrapper around jsonlint improving on its cli. It introduces glob expansion and advanced schema validation. Borrows heavily from jsonlint in every regard.jsonlint-cli introduces valuable improvements and additions to the cli shipping with jsonlint.

apidoc-plugin-schema - @apiSchema Plugin for apidoc

  •    Javascript

Generates and inject apidoc elements from api schemas. This plugin uses parser-find-elements @ priority 201.

query-schema - Ad-hoc stream filtering with a URI-safe query syntax parsing to JSON Schema

  •    Javascript

This lib provides a querystring-safe format with a syntax that maps coherently to JSON Schema. The aim is to define a concise but fully generic notation for defining filters and projections over any collection, index or stream of events, making it possible to describe arbitrarily complex queries over any stream of JSON-serializable objects.

json-schema-test-data-generator - Generate sample test data based on JSON schema

  •    Javascript

Not overly sophisticated utility that generates sample test data based on JSON schema.

react-json-editor - A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema.

  •    Javascript

A dynamic form component for React using a specification format based on JSON-Schema. The full code for the demo can be found at https://github.com/ismaelga/react-json-editor/blob/master/demos/demo.jsx.

vue-vuelidate-jsonschema - Create vuelidate validation rules based on json schema

  •    Javascript

Use the json schemas you already have for validating your api input to generate validation rules for vuelidate. And use default values to generate the data attributes. And title, description for your user interface. The goal is that if your vuelidate validation is valid then you will also pass validation against the json schema. So you can with confidence serialize your model to json and the server will accept it if it validates against the same schema.

orderly.js - An Orderly compiler in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Orderly is a textual format for describing JSON. Orderly can be compiled into JSONSchema. It is designed to be easy to read and write. Orderly.js includes it's own JSON parser, but older browsers will need a JSON stringifier such as json2.js in order to compile to JSONSchema.

schema-shot - Framework-agnostic snapshot testing using "schema by example" for highly dynamic data

  •    Javascript

If you like snap-shot (snapshot testing for any JS framework), but have data that is hard to pin down, maybe this package will be useful. Instead of storing literal data snapshot, it stores json-schema derived from a the snapshot object seen first time (using validate-by-example to derive it). Next time an object arrives, it will be validated against the schema. Any missing property, or new one will trigger an exception.

protobuf-jsonschema - Compiles Protobuf IDL to JSON Schema

  •    Javascript

Compiles Protocol Buffer IDL to JSON Schema definitions. You can use protobuf-jsonschema as a command line tool, or as a function in node.

arrest - Swagger REST framework for Node.js, with support for MongoDB and JSON-Schema

  •    Javascript

Arrest lets you write RESTful web services in minutes. It automatically generates a Swagger description of the API and support input validation using JSON-Schemas. Note for 1.3 users: arrest 3.x is a complete rewrite of the old module and it's not backwards compatible.

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