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pg - PostgreSQL ORM for Golang with focus on PostgreSQL features and performance

  •    Go

PostgreSQL ORM for Golang with focus on PostgreSQL features and performance. It supports Basic types, Multidimensional Arrays, Transactions, Prepared statements, Queries retries on network errors, Automatic connection pooling with circuit breaker support, Bulk/batch inserts and updates, Pagination and URL filters helpers, Migrations, Sharding and lot more.

Apache Johnzon - JSON Parser

  •    Java

Apache Johnzon is a project providing an implementation of JsonProcessing (aka JSR-353) and a set of useful extension for this specification like an Object mapper, some JAX-RS providers and a WebSocket module provides a basic integration with Java WebSocket API (JSR-356).

jsquery - JsQuery – json query language with GIN indexing support

  •    C

JsQuery – is a language to query jsonb data type, introduced in PostgreSQL release 9.4. It's primary goal is to provide an additional functionality to jsonb (currently missing in PostgreSQL), such as a simple and effective way to search in nested objects and arrays, more comparison operators with indexes support. We hope, that jsquery will be eventually a part of PostgreSQL.

Yasson - An official reference implementation of JSON Binding

  •    Java

Yasson is a Java framework which provides a standard binding layer between Java classes and JSON documents. This is similar to what JAXB is doing in the XML world. Yasson is an official reference implementation of JSON Binding. It defines a default mapping algorithm for converting existing Java classes to JSON suitable for the most cases.

jsonb_accessor - Adds typed jsonb backed fields to your ActiveRecord models.

  •    Ruby

Adds typed jsonb backed fields as first class citizens to your ActiveRecord models. This gem is similar in spirit to HstoreAccessor, but the jsonb column in PostgreSQL has a few distinct advantages, mostly around nested documents and support for collections. It also adds generic scopes for querying jsonb columns.

mobility - Pluggable Ruby translation framework

  •    Ruby

Mobility is a gem for storing and retrieving translations as attributes on a class. These translations could be the content of blog posts, captions on images, tags on bookmarks, or anything else you might want to store in different languages. For examples of what Mobility can do, see the Companies using Mobility section below. Storage of translations is handled by customizable "backends" which encapsulate different storage strategies. The default way to store translations is to put them all in a set of two shared tables, but many alternatives are also supported, including translatable columns and model translation tables, as well as database-specific storage solutions such as json/jsonb and Hstore (for PostgreSQL).

zson - ZSON is a PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression

  •    C

ZSON is a PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression. Compression is based on a shared dictionary of strings most frequently used in specific JSONB documents (not only keys, but also values, array elements, etc). In some cases ZSON can save half of your disk space and give you about 10% more TPS. Memory is saved as well. See docs/benchmark.md. Everything depends on your data and workload, though. Don't believe any benchmarks, re-check everything on your data, configuration, hardware, workload and PostgreSQL version.

bookshelf-json-columns - Parse JSON columns with Bookshelf.js

  •    Javascript

This Bookshelf.js plugin enables you to define which model columns have JSON format, preventing manual hook definition for each model with JSON columns.Contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated, so feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests.

pgrel - ActiveRecord extension for querying hstore and jsonb

  •    Ruby

ActiveRecord extension for querying hstore, array and jsonb. Compatible with Rails >= 4.2.

ee8-sandbox - Java EE 8 sandbox

  •    Java

The past September was a busy month, the most exciting news is Java 9 reaches GA, as well as the release of the long-waiting Java EE 8 and Glassfish v5. For more details, please read the official announcement Java EE 8 and GlassFish 5.0 Released! from Oracle blog portal. The world changes so quickly, after Java EE 7 was born in 2013, cloud service and microservice became more and more popular. Java EE had to embrace the changes, so a lot of perspectives are proposed to be brought into Java EE 8, including Configuration, Load Balance, Circuit breaker, Service Registry and Discovery, programnatic Security API, MVC etc.

kafka-websocket - kafEEne: Kafka + Websocket

  •    Java

Wait for the containers to startup before you move to the testing part...

pgjson - use Postgres as a zero-config NoSQL database.

  •    Javascript

A simple, zero-config, API for saving and retrieving JSON documents in a Postgres database. Just import and start using. Basically this.

pgMemento - Audit trail with schema versioning for PostgreSQL using transaction-based logging

  •    PLpgSQL

pgMemento provides an audit trail for your data inside a PostgreSQL database using triggers and server-side functions written in PL/pgSQL. It also tracks DDL changes to enable schema versioning and offers powerful algorithms to restore or repair past revisions. The scripts for pgMemento are open source under GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0. See the file LICENSE for more details.

mongo-query-to-postgres-jsonb - Converts MongoDB queries to postgresql queries for jsonb fields.

  •    Javascript

MongoDB query documents are quite powerful. This brings part of that usefulsness to PostgreSQL by letting you query in a similar way. This tool converts a Mongo query to a PostgreSQL "where" clause for data stored in a jsonb field. It also has additional converters for Mongo projections which are like "select" clauses and for update queries. The goal of this is to eventually provide an adapter which lets Postgres serve as a drop in replacement for Mongo, but that is not there yet. Currently the project has many of the underlying conversions that will be required to do this. For that project, see pgmongo.