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core - The server component of API Platform: hypermedia and GraphQL APIs in minutes

  •    PHP

API Platform Core is an easy to use and powerful system to create hypermedia-driven REST APIs. It is a component of the API Platform framework and it can be integrated with the Symfony framework using the bundle distributed with the library. It natively supports popular open formats including JSON for Linked Data (JSON-LD), Hydra Core Vocabulary, Swagger (OpenAPI), HAL and HTTP Problem.

api2go - JSONAPI.org Implementation for Go

  •    Go

A JSON API Implementation for Go, to be used e.g. as server for Ember Data. Api2go will Marshal/Unmarshal exactly like the internal json package from Go with one addition: It will decorate the Marshalled json with jsonapi meta objects. Jsonapi wraps the payload inside an attributes object. The rest is just Meta-Data which will be generated by api2go.

jsonapi-server - A config driven NodeJS framework implementing json:api and GraphQL

  •    Javascript

A config driven NodeJS framework implementing json:api and GraphQL. You define the resources, it provides the api. This framework solves the challenges of json:api and GraphQL without coupling us to any one ORM solution. Every other module out there is either tightly coupled to a database implementation, tracking an old version of the json:api spec, or is merely a helper library for a small feature. If you're building an API and your use case only involves reading and writing to a data store... well count yourself lucky. For everyone else, this framework provides the flexibility to provide a complex API without being confined to any one technology.

lux - Build scalable, Node.js-powered REST JSON APIs with almost no code.

  •    Javascript

A MVC style framework for building highly performant, large scale JSON APIs that anybody who knows the JavaScript language and its modern features will understand. * Inspired by Rails, Ember, and React.

reservoir - A back end for your front end: a content repository

  •    PHP

Reservoir is a back end for your front end: a content repository. Uses JSON API and OAuth2. The tour starts automatically after installing Reservoir. Afterwards, you can take the tour again by clicking the "Tour" button in the top right corner.

laravel5-jsonapi - Laravel 5 JSON API Transformer Package

  •    PHP

For the sake of having a real life example, this configuration will guide you on how to set up 7 end-points for two resources, Employees and Orders. Both Employees and Orders resources will be Eloquent models, being related one with the other.

fire - An idiomatic micro-framework for building Ember.js compatible APIs with Go.

  •    Go

An idiomatic micro-framework for building Ember.js compatible APIs with Go. Go on Fire is built on top of the wonderful built-in http package, implements the JSON API specification through the dedicated jsonapi library, uses the very stable mgo driver for persisting resources with MongoDB and leverages the dedicated oauth2 library to provide out of the box support for OAuth2 authentication using JWT tokens.

ember-jsonapi-resources - Lightweight persistence for an Ember CLI app following the JSON API 1

  •    Javascript

A stand-alone data persistence solution as an addon for Ember.js applications built using Ember CLI. It follows the JSON API 1.0 specification (your anti-bikeshedding weapon for API development). A thin data layer, a 1:1 solution using the JSON API spec, which does not attempt to solve "all the things".

jsonapi-client - Easily consume a json:api service in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A javascript module designed to make it really easy to consume a json:api service. note: this project requires a Node.js version of at least 4.5.0.

jsonapi-store-elasticsearch - An elasticsearch database handler for jsonapi-server

  •    Javascript

jsonapi-server-elasticsearch is a Elasticsearch backed data store for jsonapi-server. This project conforms to the specification laid out in the jsonapi-server handler documentation.

jsonapi-store-mongodb - A mongodb database handler for jsonapi-server

  •    Javascript

jsonapi-store-mongodb is a MongoDB backed data store for jsonapi-server. This project conforms to the specification laid out in the jsonapi-server handler documentation.

jsonapi-store-relationaldb - A relational database handler for jsonapi-server

  •    Javascript

jsonapi-store-relationaldb is a relational database backed data store for jsonapi-server. This project conforms to the specification laid out in the jsonapi-server handler documentation.

jsonapi-rust - Rust library for serialization, deserialization and working with JSON-API data

  •    Rust

This is an implementation of the JSON-API v1 specification at jsonapi.org. Examples of most serialization and deserialization cases can be found in the tests/ directory or the documentation.

angular2-data - A datastore for Angular2

  •    TypeScript

This is project is a data layer for angular2. It's still early times, but comes with an example project based on the Heroes tutorial from the angular2 documentation. You'll need to create a Store which you can inject into a component or service. Use the StoreConfig to set the baseURL.

argo - JSON API (jsonapi.org) implementation for Clojure

  •    Clojure

Argo is a Clojure library to help build APIs in Clojure that conform to the JSON API 1.0 specification. The library is still in its early stages and does not yet fully adhere to the specification. However, most of the main areas of the spec are already covered.


  •    Javascript

Sample code for the node.js-based web engineering classes at UniRitter.

mobx-jsonapi-store - JSON API Store for MobX

  •    TypeScript

Don't need any JSON API specific features? Check out mobx-collection-store. Can be used with Redux DevTools.

jsonapi-normalizer - Normalizes JSONAPI for use in Redux or similar systems.

  •    Javascript

A tool similar to normalizr, but which leverages the self-describing schemas present in JSONAPI to automatically normalize without hand-written schema definitions. That's all there is to it! No options or schema definitions.

loopback-component-jsonapi - JSONAPI support for loopback.

  •    Javascript

jsonapi.org support for loopback. This project is now pretty stable and is used in production in a number of our projects. There are known issues (see below and the issue tracker) these can mostly be worked around or are pretty minor. Open an issue on the issue tracker if you need clarification on anything or need help.

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