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jsonparser - Alternative JSON parser for Go that does not require schema (so far fastest)

  •    Go

It does not require you to know the structure of the payload (eg. create structs), and allows accessing fields by providing the path to them. It is up to 10 times faster than standard encoding/json package (depending on payload size and usage), allocates no memory. See benchmarks below.Originally I made this for a project that relies on a lot of 3rd party APIs that can be unpredictable and complex. I love simplicity and prefer to avoid external dependecies. encoding/json requires you to know exactly your data structures, or if you prefer to use map[string]interface{} instead, it will be very slow and hard to manage. I investigated what's on the market and found that most libraries are just wrappers around encoding/json, there is few options with own parsers (ffjson, easyjson), but they still requires you to create data structures.

iso8601 - A fast ISO8601 date parser for Go

  •    Go

When working with dates in Go, especially with API communication the default RFC3339 time layout is too restrictive to support the wide range of dates supported in the ISO8601 specification. This library intends to parse any date that looks like the ISO8601 standard into native Go time.

sdk - Library for using Grafana' structures in Go programs and client for Grafana REST API.

  •    Go

SDK for Go language offers a library for interacting with Grafana server from Go applications. It realizes many of HTTP REST API calls for administration, client, organizations. Beside of them it allows creating of Grafana objects (dashboards, panels, datasources) locally and manipulating them for constructing dashboards programmatically. It would be helpful for massive operations on a large set of dashboards for example. It was made foremost for autograf project but later separated from it and moved to this new repository because the library is useful per se.

Baby - Create models from a JSON file, even a Baby can do it.

  •    Swift

Create models from a JSON file, even a Baby can do it. Baby can infer property's type from json such as String, Int, Double, URL and Date.