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This project reads JSON input and returns an object representation of the input.


  •    Silverlight

A Twitter badge written in Silverlight to show recent tweets on a webpage. The xap file can be hosted locally on your server or on a remote server.

FatSecret Sharp - Nutrition, Food and Exercise Service C# API Wrappers


A collection of service wrappers for retrieving food nutrition, and diet and exercise tracking powered by FatSecret.com REST based API's.

SharePoint Archive Tweets

  •    CSharp

Using REST, JSON and OAuth, SharePoint Archive Tweets (SPAT) was born. SPAT is a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 timer application that downloads Twitter timelines.

Entity Framework Json Serializer


Solve the Circular Reference problem when using Entity Framework with Asp.NET MVC JsonResult.

Enough Storage


Enough Storage allows you to store and load objects using the DataContractSerializer (XML) or the DataContractJsonSerializer - locally, temporary or roaming.

JSON Toolkit

  •    CSharp

JSON Toolkit is a .NET library written in C# used to parse JSON strings and handle JSON objects at runtime.

Knockout binders for SharePoint 2013 and 2010 REST API and SP Services


Knockout binder extensions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 Rest API and SP Services


  •    DotNet

.NET-based implementation of the Universal Binary JSON Specification

Web and Load Test Plugins for Visual Studio Team Test


Contains custom validation rules, extraction rules, web test plugins and load test plugins for Visual Studio Web tests and Load tests.


  •    CSharp

dynamic json structure for C# 4.0.



OGDI is ‘starter kit’ that can be used to publish data on the Web and make it universally accessible via RESTful API and open formats.

CRM 2011 OData Query Designer


The CRM 2011 OData Query Designer allows you to build and exexcute OData REST queries by selecting filter criteria, select attributes and order by attributes.

REST Start Kit for BizTalk


This project enables BizTalk Server to expose RESTFul services through the WCF-Custom adapter. The library supports both receive and send, both XML and JSON with all HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE). The solution is based on two custom WCF behaviors, one to be used...

Battlelog Mobile

  •    CSharp

Battlelog Mobile retrieves your real time Battlefield 3 soldier information from EA / DICE Battlelog server to your Windows Phone. You are able to track your progression in easy, intuitive manner with lots of "eye candy", such as images and charts. All three platforms are s...

LevelUp Serializer

  •    CSharp

LevelUp Serializer is a small and simple serialize library.It can help developer to serialize and deserialize data more convenient.

Bulk JSON HttpHandler

  •    ASPNET

The Bulk Json Handler allows in ASP.NET to accomplish in one call, execute multiple json methods on the server and push return values from one method to another based on JSON information sent to server without client interaction.

Windows Phone 7 - XReadr - A simple Google Reader App


XReadr is a simple Windows Phone 7 app using Google Reader API. It already has login, browse and mark it as read function here.

Transparent Persistence.Net


Transparent Persistence.Net is a simple persistence API that allows generic IDictionary access to your data. Physical storage is performed Apache Cassandra service in it's current release. Further iterations will allow SQL and memcached based backends.