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Daptin - GraphQL/JSON-API Headless CMS

  •    Javascript

Daptin is a headless CMS framework to develop and deploy production-ready JSON API based servers. Its feature include Database backed persistence, Rest JSON APIs, OAuth Authentication, Host static sites on multiple sub-domains, Use any cloud storage providers as persistence for files and assets.

js-ddl - Gets you a JSON Schema from PostgreSQL or SQLite3

  •    Javascript

DDL.js is a library that queries database and table schemas (currently from PostgreSQL and SQLite3) and describes their columns with JSON Schema v4. You can use DDL.js for introspection, to prepare your domain models and set up simple type coercions or validations for those database columns. This way you can have the same convenience that Ruby on Rails's ActiveRecord provides, but in the JavaScript world.


  •    Java

SpimeDB unifies the semantic, spatial, and temporal dimensions of data in a common n-dimensional ranged vector space. Exploit hyperdimensional locality for efficient iterative access in display, analysis, and distributed computation applications.

higgle - A Tiny JavaScript Database System

  •    Javascript

So, yeah, it's not complete yet, but it can support simple queries and has an API similar to mongodb. ##How To Install If you're working on the client side, just include the script higgle.js. This will provide you with the Higgle object attached to the window object.

jstoolnpp - A javascript plugin for Notepad++ (formerly JSMinNpp).

  •    Javascript

Download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsminnpp/ and copy JSMinNpp.dll to plugin directory of Notepad++. Or you can just install "JSTool" from Plugin Manager in Notepad++.

android-tao-rest-data-processor - Android REST Data Processor library

  •    Java

The Data Processor is designed to perform simple RESTservice requests or to files locally. Requests can run synchronously or asynchronously. Used LruCache for store results and ThreadPool for async requests. ###Easy possibility of building requests and processing results.

jxon - lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation

  •    Javascript

A complete, bidirectional, JXON (lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation) library. Packed as UMD. Implementation of Mozilla's JXON code. Head over to MDN for Documentation.

JSum - Consistent checksum calculation of JSON objects.

  •    Javascript

Consistent checksum calculation of JSON objects. For this trivial test a huge random JSON file (181 MB) was taken as the base for benchmarking. The listed modules were used to create SHA256 hash of that file. To measure the time, internal console.time(() and console.timeEnd() methods were used. Serious benchmarking is described below.

custom-bytecode-analyzer - Java bytecode analyzer customizable via JSON rules

  •    Java

Java bytecode analyzer customizable via JSON rules. It is a command-line tool that receives a path containing one or more Jar or War files, analyzes them using the provided rules and generates HTML reports with the results. You can also check net.nandgr.cba.custom.model.Rules.java to see the structure in Java code.

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