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angular-schema-form - Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

  •    Javascript

Much of the new development is being done in Assimilate, a standardised validator for JSON Schema to help ensure changing validators is never as painful as escaping tv4 is, as well as a new core library to allow for a more predictable upgrade from AngularJS to Angular. If you use ASF in your project/company please let us know! We'd love to feature you on the site.

vue-json-ui-editor - Edit JSON in UI form with JSON Schema and Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Edit JSON in UI form with JSON Schema and Vue.js <json-editor> component. schema Object (required) The JSON Schema object. Use the v-if directive to load asynchronous schema.

angular-schema-form-material - Angular Material decorator for Angular Schema Form

  •    Javascript

Angular Material has reached 1.0.0 however I do not feel it is remotely stable yet, this decorator is progressing very cautiously until that project hits a more stable milestone. That said, I have made an early alpha available and will continue to release alpha releases as I add new features, these are not production quality as the name alpha implies. All this means is that it is very much a work in progress.

json-schema-form-core - Core library

  •    Javascript

Core library for working with JSON-Schema with a UI-Schema (Form) definition that doesn't depend on a framework. This library, through the use of its merge module, combines the schema and ui-schema into a canonical schema for use by its services and external libraries.

angular-schema-form-bootstrap - Bootstrap decorator for Angular Schema Form

  •    HTML

This is the new Bootstrap Decorator! That means a Bootstrap 3 frontend for the Angular Schema Form project. The former Bootstrap decorator used to be included in the main repo, but has now moved here. The big difference is that it now uses new builder methods, for more info on the builder see our blog.