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csp-builder - Build Content-Security-Policy headers from a JSON file (or build them programmatically)

  •    PHP

Easily integrate Content-Security-Policy headers into your web application, either from a JSON configuration file, or programatically. CSP Builder was created by Paragon Initiative Enterprises as part of our effort to encourage better application security practices.

pbxprojHelper - A macOS tool help you handling project.pbxproj files. Written in Swift 4!

  •    Swift

pbxprojHelper is a GUI tool developed with Cocoa and Swift 4 for parsing and changing Xcode projects configuration. You can also use pbxproj as a command line tool in terminal. You can clone the source code of pbxprojHelper, then compile and run it by Xcode.

Haskell-etc - Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects

  •    Haskell

etc gathers configuration values from multiple sources (cli options, OS environment variables, files) using a declarative spec file that defines where these values are to be found and located in a configuration map.

configmanager - Forget about configparser, YAML, or JSON parsers. Focus on configuration.

  •    Python

Don't let standard library's configparser drive your configuration value access design. Let it do what it does best -- parse and write configuration files. And let configmanager do the rest. Install from Python Package index with pip install configmanager.

oneview-ansible-collection - Ansible Collection and Sample Playbooks for HPE OneView

  •    Python

This collection provides a series of Ansible modules and plugins for interacting with the HPE OneView Modules. Now a tar file is generated. Install that file.

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