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  •    JQuery

A new interface for jslint-toolkit using extaspnet.


  •    Javascript

JSLint.NET is a wrapper for Douglas Crockford's JSLint, the JavaScript code quality tool. It can validate JavaScript anywhere .NET runs.

JSLint for Visual Studio 2010

  •    Javascript

JSLint JavaScript Code Analysis Add-in for Visual Studio 2010

JSLint for Resharper

  •    Javascript

Adds highlighting of JSLint validation errors to Resharper in Visual Studio.

ready.js - OBSOLETE - continuous javascript integration

  •    CoffeeScript

This project is now obsolete, see why in issue #18. You can create issues.

JSXHint - Wrapper around JSHint for linting JSX files

  •    Javascript

JSXHint is, and always was, a bad hack to make JSX lintable in the early days of React. It will always be inferior to proper linters like ESLint because it is not able to lint JSX or ES6 syntax, it instead compiles to ES5 then lints. You may get weird linter errors, especially with more involved transforms. Don't use JSXHint anymore if you can switch to ESLint.

gulp-xo - Validate files with XO

  •    Javascript

Issues regarding rules should be reported on the ESLint issue tracker as it's the actual linter.This option instructs ESLint to try to fix as many issues as possible. The fixes are applied to the gulp stream. The fixed content can be saved to file using gulp.dest (See example/fix.js). Rules that are fixable can be found in ESLint's rules list.

grunt-eslint - Validate files with ESLint

  •    Javascript

See the ESLint options.Name of a built-in formatter or path to a custom one.

node-linter - [deprecared] Code quality tools collection in one nodejs module

  •    Python

Linter doesn't implement validators - it utilizes free available quality tools. Javascript lang is too flexible and it becomes very hard to work in larger teams, especially if some of members are newbie on javascript. Linter is highly configurable, so if you don't want to use some rules, you can create your own conf file. You can easily add more quality tools.

Nlint - Nlint does full project linting of your static files

  •    Javascript

Nlint does full project syntax linting. It runs your js/json/css files through linters to find errors that might not reveal themselves in testing. Nlint files define out options for the directory it's in, and each subdirectory following. Each following nlint file adds/overwrites the previous nlint file in the parent directories.

JSHint-Inline - JSHint HTML files or other files that contains script tags. Requires node.js

  •    HTML

Sublime Text extension to apply jshint to HTML files or other files containing <script> tags. Just add it to Sublime using WBond's Package Manager.

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