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documentation.js - Documentation for modern JavaScript

documentation.js is a documentation tool for mordern JavaScript. It Supports modern JavaScript: ES5, ES2017, JSX, Vue and Flow type annotations. It provides customizable output: HTML, JSON, Markdown, and more.

grunt-jsdoc - A grunt plugin to generate javascript doc by running jsdoc3 on your grunt projects.

This plugin enables you to integrate the generation of comments based documentation into your Grunt build. This plugin is a wrapper around jsdoc3. Please refer to the documentation for the documentation details.

tui.jsdoc-template - TUI JSDoc Template, Demo: https://nhnent.github.io/tui.jsdoc-template/latest/

api defaults to the value API and tutorials defaults to the value Examples.styles/custom.css, styles/another.css, and remote.css get included in the layout. default.staticFiles is the build-in jsdoc way of copying extra files.

pixi-jsdoc-template - PixiJS Flavored JSDoc Template

If you already have JSDoc system, you can use this project as JSDoc template. More information about JSDoc command-line arguments can be found here. You can set options for customizing your documentations. Notice the "template" field for setting the path to pixi-jsdoc-template.