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lint-trap - JavaScript linter module for Uber projects

This module contains standardized linting rules to be used across all projects at Uber that contain JavaScript.... and then you can invoke it by executing npm run lint.

javascript-style - Javascript linter with rules for Stripe projects

Add stripe-javascript-style to your devDependencies.In the meantime, see http://jscs.info/rules.html for reference on the rules we’re using.

eslint-config-axway - Shareable eslint config for Axway projects

Axway JavaScript coding standards shareable config for eslint.There are several ways to incorporate this eslint configuration into your project.

eslint-config-standard-jsx - ESLint Shareable Config for JSX support in JavaScript Standard Style

Shareable configs are designed to work with the extends feature of .eslintrc files. You can learn more about Shareable Configs on the official ESLint website.This Shareable Config adds extra JSX style rules to the baseline JavaScript Standard Style rules provided in eslint-config-standard. It doesn't assume that you're using React, so other virtual DOM libraries like virtual-dom and deku are supported.