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SnappySnippet - Chrome extension that allows easy extraction of CSS and HTML from selected element.

  •    CSS

Chrome/Chromium extension that allows easy CSS+HTML extraction of specific DOM element. Created snippet can be then exported to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click. or download it and manually load as an 'Unpacked extension' via chrome extensions page.

esnextbin - :boom: Create browser programs in ESNext code and import modules from NPM in browser

  •    Javascript

Create browser programs with ES2015's latest features and use modules from NPM directly in your browser.Under the hood it's pure client-side application which is hosted on GitHub pages and is built upon React.js.

javascript-idiosyncrasies - A bunch of Javascript idiosyncrasies to beginners.


This is a collection of things in JavaScript that may not be well recognized, espcially to beginners. Disclaimer: Some of these snippets are simply to demonstrate the quirky parts of JavaScript and by no means encourage best practices and should never be seen in production code.

bin-to-file - Converts JS Bin object to a single file

  •    Javascript

Converts JS Bin object to a single file