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minify - Go minifiers for web formats

  •    Go

Online demo if you need to minify files now.Command line tool that minifies concurrently and supports watching file changes.

minify - CSS & JavaScript minifier, in PHP

  •    PHP

And it comes with a huge test suite. The object constructor accepts 0, 1 or multiple paths of files, or even complete CSS/JS content, that should be minified. All CSS/JS passed along, will be combined into 1 minified file.

waud - Web Audio Library

  •    Haxe

Web Audio Library with HTML5 audio fallback. Waud is a simple and powerful web audio library that allows you to go beyond HTML5's <audio> tag and easily take advantage of Web Audio API. It abstracts Web Audio API making it consistent and reliable across multiple platforms and browsers. It also falls back to HTML5 Audio on non-modern browsers where Web Audio API is not supported.

parse - Go parsers for web formats

  •    Go

This package contains several lexers and parsers written in Go. All subpackages are built to be streaming, high performance and to be in accordance with the official (latest) specifications.The lexers are implemented using buffer.Lexer in https://github.com/tdewolff/buffer and the parsers work on top of the lexers. Some subpackages have hashes defined (using Hasher) that speed up common byte-slice comparisons.

haxenode - Documentation about using Node with Haxe

  •    Haxe

I wanted to do a quick prototype with Node.js and my favorite programming language Haxe. But I couldn't find any documentation on how to start. There used to be a website (an old one, from when Haxe spelled "haXe") that got you started.

hxjsondef - HxJsonDef is command-line app written in Haxe that helps you quickly define a typedef from some arbitrary

  •    Haxe

I found a gist written in ruby that does the same (written by Justin Donaldson) and it inspired to write it in Haxe/Neko. There are some rules you have to keep in mind. For the conversion it best NOT to use null as a value. It will be automatically converted to Dynamic, but if you know what the value will be; remove null and replace with one of the values described below.

slidrr - Create a presentation written in MarkDown

  •    Haxe

Entering the world of presentations you have a lot of tools to your disposal. The most popular must be Powerpoint (windows) and Keynote (mac). Both are awesome but will cost you money and generate lock-in. These tools are popular with non-developers.

js2php - JavaScript to PHP source transformation

  •    PHP

This tool transforms JavaScript to PHP. Just for fun. This is a proof-of-concept started at a hackathon recently, just for fun. There are various aspects of the two languages that make this a really interesting challenge: lexical scope, prototypal inheritance, duality of + operator in JS, PHP's implicit variable declaration, etc. A lot of this had to be implemented in runtime helpers with type checking, but it turns out JavaScript and PHP are similar enough to do this as a source transformation without actually building an interpreter.

jUpgradePro - jUpgradePro an extension that help Joomla! users to migrate or move their data.

  •    PHP

Read data directly from the database. This method allows you to migrate data between two installations of Joomla! by webservices, which adds ease when setting the extension.

frappe_charts - Frappé Charts Ruby gem for Rails.

  •    Ruby

This gem includes the Frappé Charts libraries in your Rails application. Add //= require frappe-charts.min.iife to your application.js file and *= require frappe-charts.min to your application.css file.

tableless-old-wp - Website do Tableless

  •    PHP

A ideia do Tableless.com.br sempre foi contribuir para que a comunidade de desenvolvimento web brasileira crescesse tanto em conhecimento técnico quanto como comunidade. Contribuir com projetos de código aberto, é uma das melhores maneiras de crescer profissionalmente, por que você lida com profissionais de diversos níveis, com códigos de diversos tipos e problemas muito parecidos com problemas dos projetos que você poderá participar na empresa em que trabalha. Para tanto tentar ajudar pessoas que gostam de contribuir em projetos opensource ou até para aqueles que nunca contribuiram e gostariam de começar agora, disponibilizamos o código do site Tableless.com.br para que você possa contribuir com novas implementações, correção de bugs, melhoria de código e principalmente performance do site.

pixi-haxe - Externs of Pixi.js for Haxe

  •    Haxe

Externs of Pixi.js v4.x for Haxe - A fast and lightweight 2D javascript rendering library that works across all devices. Found any bug? Please create a new issue.

rust.js - Run your JavaScript apps backed by Rust

  •    Rust

Run your JavaScript apps backed by Rust.