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sonarlint-atom - SonarLint for Atom.io

  •    Javascript

SonarLint is an Atom extension that provides on-the-fly feedback to developers on new bugs and quality issues injected into JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP and Python code. Simply open a JS, TS, PHP or Python file within a project, start coding, and you will start seeing issues reported by SonarLint. Issues are highlighted in your code, and also listed in the 'Diagnostics' or 'Linter' panel. Note that only files within a project are analyzed.

bs-json - Compositional JSON encode/decode library for BuckleScript

  •    OCaml

Compositional JSON encode/decode library for BuckleScript. The Decode module in particular provides a basic set of decoder functions to be composed into more complex decoders. A decoder is a function that takes a Js.Json.t and either returns a value of the desired type if successful or raises a DecodeError exception if not. Other functions accept a decoder and produce another decoder. Like array, which when given a decoder for type t will return a decoder that tries to produce a value of type t array. So to decode an int array you combine Json.Decode.int with Json.Decode.array into Json.Decode.(array int). An array of arrays of ints? Json.Decode.(array (array int)). Dict containing arrays of ints? Json.Decode.(dict (array int)).

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