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Semantic-UI-React - The official Semantic-UI-React integration

  •    Javascript

See the Documentation for an introduction, usage information, and extensive examples.These great products are built on Semantic UI React. Add yours here.

pickr - Flat, simple, responsive and hackable Color-Picker

  •    Javascript

Be sure to load the pickr.min.js after pickr.min.css. Moreover the script tag doesn't work with the defer attribute. As default color representation is hsva (hue, saturation, value and alpha) used, but you can also convert it to other formats as listed below.

terra - :space_invader: JS library for simple biological simulations and cellular automata

  •    Javascript

JS library for cellular automata and simple biological simulations. Documentation and examples live here. To build terra on your machine you'll need Node.js, Bower, and gulp installed. Then...

javascript-guessing-game - You know there are too many JavaScript libraries when there is a game for it 🎯

  •    Javascript

React, Flux, Angular, Aurelia, TypeScript, Flow, oh my! By trying to make things simpler, I have created this game to stay on top of JavaScript in 2017. Inspired by How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016.

previewer - A super light-weight JavaScript image previewer

  •    HTML

A JavaScript image previewer for the web, which uses a Picasa inspired UI and is super light-weight. Make sure you have the previewer.js and previewer.css files (or the minified versions) included in the html document.

garnishjs - UI toolkit by Pixel & Tonic

  •    Javascript

You can download the latest version of garnishjs on GitHub. To build, run gulp build.

soundbox - :speaker: :notes: A super simple JS library for playing sound effects :headphones: :musical_keyboard:

  •    Javascript

A super simple JS library for playing sound effects and other audio. The recommended way to obtain soundbox is via npm here: sound-box - To install it simply type npm install sound-box. Then you can include any of the 4 files described below from the ./node_modules/sound-box/ directory.

presentr - Minimalistic javascript presentation-library

  •    Javascript

Why another library to provide the ability to create a presentation in your browser? Isn't there already Revealjs which is good and reliable? Yeah, thought the same. But I was looking for a library which I can use in combination with React, Vue, Bootstrap, Materialize or whatever library I want. Something which only provides the essential functionalities like slides and fragments. So I've decided to write an absolutly basic, simple but functional library to provide these things. If you want to open a issue, create a Pull Request or simply want to know how you can run it on your local machine, please read the Contributing guide.

bitsharesjs - JavaScript tools for BitShares Encryption and Serialization

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript Bitshares library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript, and to easily obtain data from the blockchain via public apis. Most of this code was written by jcalfee, my work was mostly just repackaging to a discrete npm package.

bitsharesjs-ws - Javascript websocket interface for Bitshares

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript Bitshares websocket library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to easily connect to and obtain data from the Bitshares blockchain via public apis or local nodes. Credit for the original implementation goes to jcalfeee.

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