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atom-beautify - :lipstick: Universal beautification package for Atom editor (:warning: Currently migrating to https://github

  •    CoffeeScript

Atom-Beautify respects the core.telemetryConsent configuration option from Atom editor. If you do not wish to have usage data sent to Google Analytics then please set core.telemetryConsent to no or undecided option before using Atom-Beautify. See Anonymous Analytics section of docs for details. Thank you. Atom-Beautify is going to be completely rewritten with Unibeautify at its core! See unibeautify branch for work in progress and Issue #1174.

pretty - Sensible presets and some tweaks for beautifying HTML with js-beautify according to my preferences

  •    Javascript

Some tweaks for beautifying HTML with js-beautify according to my preferences. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

diffable-html - Opinionated HTML formatter focused towards making HTML diffs readable.

  •    Javascript

This formatter will normalize your HTML in a way that when you diff it, you get a clear sense of what changed. This is a "zero-config" and opinionated HTML formatter. Default rules might change in future releases in which case we will push a major release.

jest-serializer-html - Jest snapshot serializer that beautifies HTML.

  •    Javascript

When using this Jest serializer, it will turn any string starting with '<' to nicely indented HTML in the snapshot. This serializer is based on diffable-html which is an opinionated HTML formatter that will ease readability of diffs in case of failing snapshot tests.

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