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JSON-Splora - GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data

  •    Javascript

JSON-Splora is a GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data with jq or JavaScript. The editor is a JavaScript editor, and the input is parsed as json5. This allows for comments as well as a relaxed JSON input format. Once the editor has valid JSON, an input window will appear below, allowing you to manipulate the object with JavaScript or jq. A panel will appear to the right with the output, and updates live as the input or filter changes.

jqplay - A playground for jq, written in Go

  •    Go

jqplay is a playground for jq. Please put it into good use. To develop jqplay, you need to have a Go development environment. You also need to have Node & Postgresql installed.

jqview - simplest possible native GUI for inspecting JSON objects with jq

  •    Go

The simplest possible native GUI for inspecting JSON objects with jq. Made with Qt and gojq.

yq - Command-line YAML and XML processor - jq wrapper for YAML/XML documents

  •    Python

Before using yq, you also have to install its dependency, jq. See the jq installation instructions for details and directions specific to your platform. Use the --width/-w argument to pass the line wrap width for string literals. All other command line arguments are forwarded to jq. yq forwards the exit code jq produced, unless there was an error in YAML parsing, in which case the exit code is 1. See the jq manual for more details on jq features and options.

Myflix - Myflix, a Netflix clone!

  •    Shell

Myflix tries to be a somewhat simple and lightweight "DIY Netflix", similar to Plex, streama or Emby, for your DIY NAS, especially aimed at the Raspberry Pi/Odroid/etc ecosystem. It's not meant or designed to be fancy (if you have the hardware and want a ton of functionality, go for other solutions :) ), but the bare minimum to be somewhat pretty, fast and usable. The scripts create json databases that store the files location and metadata, these databases are then used to create static web pages that can be served from any web server! I still have some commenting to do, I swear I will do it when I have time...

jqplay - A playground for jq, written in Go

  •    Go

A playground for jq made with love by @jingweno, @lokywin and @leoping. Please put it into good use.To develop jqplay, you need to have a Go development environment. You also need to have Node & Postgresql installed.

jq.node - jq.node - like jq but WAY MORE powerful (300+ helpers 🔥 & 300K+ modules 😱)

  •    Javascript

jq.node is JavaScript and Lodash in your shell (along with the 300K+ npm modules). It's a powerful command-line JSON/string processor. It so easy it feels like cheating your inner-bearded-sysadmin. I'm a huge fan of jq but it was so many times inconsistent and irritating. It sometimes felt like JavaScript but it was not. jq.node is what jq should be in my opinion. First version was written in 25 lines of JavaScript code and was already way more powerful than jq, backed from day one by more than 300 helpers from Lodash FP.

jq.cr - thin JSON::Any wrapper to emulate jq for crystal

  •    Crystal

thin JSON::Any wrapper to emulate jq for Crystal.

jq-tutorial - Interactive exercises for learning jq

  •    Javascript

jq is an awesome command-line utility for processing JSON data. It has an excellent manual already, but--since there's no substitute for practice-- this tutorial provides an unofficial supplement for new users exploring its syntax and applications.

jq-mode - Emacs major mode for editing jq queries.

  •    Emacs

jq-mode is an emacs major mode for editing jq-scripts. Now jq-mode will load whenever you visit a file whose name ends with .jq. Alternatively, run M-x jq-mode in an existing buffer containing jq commands.

jqnpm - A package manager built for the command-line JSON processor jq.

  •    Shell

These are the extended steps from the demo animation above. Example jq/main.jq combining two other packages; jqnpm install joelpurra/jq-zeros && jqnpm install joelpurra/jq-dry.

clack - Sort of like jq or maybe ack but for Clojure

  •    Javascript

Clack is a utility for destructuring and transforming data structures on the command line. It runs as a clojurescript application on the Node.js VM, and allows for the application of clojurescript functions to data within shell (eg. bash) pipelines. Clack can be thought of as a replacement to sed, awk, grep etc. Where these tools have thrived in processing tabular, line based data over the decaded, clack targets structured data such as JSON, YAML, TransitJs and EDN - although it can be useed as a shell line processor as well.

JBOL - JBOL is a collection of modules for the JQ language.

  •    JSONiq

JBOL is a collection of modules and tools for the JQ language. jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor, and to use jq you must program in the JQ language, a lazy functional language with an evaluation model similar to the goal-directed style of SNOBOL and Icon languages. If you are interested in JBOL you can also see jqt, a related project offering a template engine implemented on top of jq.

jqt - jqt · The jq template engine

  •    Shell

jqt is a web template engine that uses jq as expression language. If you want to learn how to use jqt visit the site https://fadado.github.io/jqt/. The site pages are generated using jqt in the docs folder of this repository. If you are interested in jqt you can see also JBOL, a related project with a collection of modules for the jq language.

ghrecipes - Provides some helper functions for using GitHub V4 API

  •    R

Don’t miss conversations by your favorite developers or comments by your favorite styling bot. In that function, only the latest results are returned, and an issue can be a PR. “hrbrpkgs: list Bob Rudis’ packages” by Maëlle Salmon.

ledger-cli-dashboard - :moneybag: :bank: :chart_with_upwards_trend: Customizable graphical reporting for ledger

  •    Makefile

This is a graphical reporting tool for ledger, created using the desktop version of just-dashboard. It is more intended as a starting point that you can extend and customize to match your own needs. Note: Instead of ':' characters, you have to use '/' characters to access sub-accounts.

ijq - interactive jq, a REPL

  •    Go

interactive jq, a REPL

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