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awesome-interactive-journalism - A list of awesome interactive journalism projects.


An opinionated list of best practice examples of data journalism and visualization projects. The goal of this list is not to list all projects out there, but to list the most outstanding examples of visual and interactive journalism. It is sorted by alphabet, so that there is no ranking.

frontend - Source for theguardian.com

  •    HTML

The Guardian website frontend. For everybody who engages with our journalism, theguardian.com is an industry-best news website that is fast, accessible and easy to use. Unlike other ways of developing products, ours puts the audience first.

hack-the-media - This repo collects examples of intentional and unintentional hacks of software engineering media sources like Hacker News, Reddit, tech blogs, and news sites


A media literacy guide that highlights ways that our media sources can give us a flawed view of the world (technology industry-specific media guide now here). These images are available to use freely (CC BY 4.0). Free stickers can be requested here — original SVGs are here and here.

talk - A better commenting experience from Vox Media

  •    Javascript

Online comments are broken. Our open-source commenting platform, Talk, rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work. Read more about Talk here. Built with <3 by The Coral Project, a part of Vox Media.

OpenRefine - Powerful tool for working with messy data

  •    Java

OpenRefine (previously Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.

Ghost - The platform for professional publishers

  •    Javascript

Ghost is a powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content. It comes with modern tools to build a website, publish content, send newsletters & offer paid subscriptions to members. It powers serious blogs, magazines and journalism from DuckDuckGo, Tinder, OpenAI, Sky News and many more.

SecureDrop - Whistleblower Submission System

  •    Python

SecureDrop is an open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources. It was originally created by the late Aaron Swartz and is currently managed by Freedom of the Press Foundation. Among the tools used in and around the SecureDrop application are: Tor, GnuPG encryption, Apache, OSSEC, grsecurity, Ubuntu, the Tails operating system, and an air-gap.

letterpad - Letterpad is an open-source and a high performant publishing engine for blogs built with react & graphql and runs ridiculously fast 🚀

  •    Javascript

A verbose documentation can be found at https://letterpad.app/docs. Letterpad is an open source project, licensed under MIT. It runs ridiculously fast.

Superdesk - News creation, production, curation, distribution, and publishing platform

  •    Python

Superdesk is an open source end-to-end news creation, production, curation, distribution and publishing platform developed and maintained by Sourcefabric with the sole purpose of making the best possible software for journalism. It is scaleable to suit news organizations of any size. Superdesk is a extensible stack of open source code made to serve independent journalism and newsrooms of all sizes by improving newsroom management and publishing processes.



Berita terbaru dan peristiwa terkini di sekitar Anda... Langsung dari TKP!

Microsoft Solution Framework for Editorial Collaboration and Mobile Journalism


An application template for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 built to support journalist and editorial tasks like sharing story ideas, planning event coverage, requesting and allocating resources, searching for content and people, gathering content, and planning output.

journalism-syllabi - Computer-Assisted Reporting and Data Journalism Syllabuses, compiled by Dan Nguyen

  •    Python

This is a collection of computational and data journalism courses for which there is a publicly available homepage or syllabus suitable for others to use as a reference, i.e. basically anything that shows up in a Google search for syllabus + computational/data/research + journalism / computer assisted reporting. This list includes courses from as early as 1997 and several taught in countries not in North America. I started compiling this list before teaching at Stanford in 2014. In June 2016, I uploaded it here and made a few updates, but it's not complete or consistent by any means. It includes a few not-really computational/journalism courses, which I may trim later, and misses anything not found via Google or from the top of my head. As I have time, I try to serialize various aspects of each course (see some-syllabi.yaml for all the data fields), such as which textbooks are used and what specific skills are taught.

check - Development environment for Meedan Check, a collaborative media annotation app

  •    Shell

This is a Docker Compose configuration that spins up the whole Check app locally. Tested on Linux and Mac OS X (with Docker for Mac). The repo contains two Docker Compose files, one for development (docker-compose.yml) and the other for testing (docker-test.yml). The idea of load testing is to run several concurrent instances of the integration tests. To do so, we first capture the HTTP requests made by the integration tests to the API using Apache JMeter 3.0's proxy feature. JMeter produces a test plan that can then be run locally or via a 3rd party service such as Flood IO.

check-api - Content management service for Meedan Check, a collaborative media annotation app

  •    Ruby

Verify breaking news online. You can optionally use Puma, which allows you to restart the Rails server by doing: touch tmp/restart.txt. In order to do that, instead of rails s, start the server with bundle exec pumactl start.

meow - Daily Bruin's homemade social media manager

  •    Python

We've switched over to a Procfile (Heroku/Flynn/Dokku) based system for configuring and deploying our system! In most scenarios, a git push <server-remote> master will be sufficient to deploy the service. We've also paired this with a newer, leaner and hopefully easier way to develop meow using a Docker Compose based workflow. Should our compute needs and resources grow in the future, we could also switch to a complete Docker deploy pipeline. There are some additional commands required for Windows users that will be mentioned in the comments.

the-stack - Website and datasets for The Stack, Daily Bruin's data journalism and newsroom tech blog

  •    HTML

Daily Bruin's data journalism and newsroom tech blog. Follow these instructions. When given the choice, install Rouge instead of Pygments for syntax highlighting. Here are some other considerations when using Jekyll on Windows.

street-racing-analysis - A Los Angeles Times analysis of street racing fatalities in Los Angeles County

  •    Jupyter

This analysis of street racing fatalities in Los Angeles County was conducted for the March 16, 2018, Los Angeles Times story "Out of Control: The deadly toll of Los Angeles street racing." Read the conclusions and the computer code that drove the analysis in notebook.ipynb.

trumpworld-graph - Import, Extend, Query & Visualize the TrumpWorld Graph with Neo4j & Cypher (originally based on the BuzzFeed data)

  •    Jupyter

It all started with Jeremy Singer-Vine and his co-authors publishing a partial dataset of connections between organizations and people around Donald Trump. The data was made available as a public Google Document, which we imported into Neo4j so that it became queryable and visualizable.

open-journalism-project - Resource to bring code and journalism together for fun

  •    HTML

Yes, we love contributions. This site is a work in progress, but can ALWAYS use better, improved copy. Also important is continuing to make the list of resources of libraries, tools, and examples more thorough.

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