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join-monster - A GraphQL to SQL query execution layer for query planning and batch data fetching.

  •    Javascript

Efficient query planning and data fetching for SQL. Use JOINs and/or batched requests to retrieve all your data. It takes a GraphQL query and your schema and automatically generates the SQL. Send that SQL to your database and get back all the data needed to resolve with only one or a few round-trips to the database. ...and get back correctly hydrated data.

scissors - PDF manipulation in Node

  •    Javascript

PDF manipulation in Node.js, based on PDFTK! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew. Scissors is a wrapper around command line utilities (mainly PDFTK) that have to be separately installed.

joinr - Performs joins on MongoDB documents and those from compatible databases.

  •    Javascript

Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases

three-path-geometry - thick 2D lines for ThreeJS

  •    Javascript

Above: a BufferGeometry combines several variations of an SVG file.This is best suited for a drawing app that needs to render thousands of commands, i.e. using a static geometry.

ng-filters - Awesome generic angular filters

  •    Javascript

###percentage Returns a number formatted as a percentage. Numbers between 0 and 1 will be rounded up to 10th decimal place.I used Restangular as a template for this project as no one has yet to create a project template for new projects. The bytes filter originated from Thom Seddon before some improvements were made.

TF - AutoHotkey library for Text files & Variables (strings)

  •    AutoHotkey

As the name suggest this is an AutoHotkey (AHK) Library with a number of functions to "manipulate" text, both files such as *.txt, *.ahk, *.html, *.css etc AND Strings (or variables). For example you can delete specific lines, replace words or specific lines, number lines, remove or insert columns of text, etc. See the list of functions below for a complete overview. To understand how to work with files and variables please read the "Textfile and the ! Prefix" and "Files & Variables" sections below.

duplexer2 - Like duplexer (http://npm.im/duplexer) but using streams2

  •    Javascript

This is a reimplementation of duplexer using the Streams3 API which is standard in Node as of v4. Everything largely works the same. Creates a new DuplexWrapper object, which is the actual class that implements most of the fun stuff. All that fun stuff is hidden. DON'T LOOK.

multistream - A stream that emits multiple other streams one after another (streams2)

  •    Javascript

Simple, robust streams2 version of combined-stream. Allows you to combine multiple streams into a single stream. When the first stream ends, the next one starts, and so on, until all streams are consumed.This module is used by WebTorrent, specifically create-torrent.

audioconcat - Tiny node.js module to concat multiple audio files using ffmpeg

  •    Javascript

You can download static builds of ffmpeg from here.audioconcat constructor. You should pass an array<string> with the desired audio files, and optionally passing the video render options object per each image.

three-line-2d - lines expanded in a vertex shader

  •    Javascript

A utility for 2D line drawing in ThreeJS, by expanding a polyline in a vertex shader for variable thickness, anti-aliasing, gradients, line dashes, and other GPU effects.Works in ThreeJS r69-r75, and possibly newer versions.

level-join - join leveldb documents based on common nested values

  •    Javascript

we can populate the database with db.batch() and then join each output's job property with a matching commit id property. This is like a foreign key in an SQL database, except that it can be arbitrarily nested.Note that the results are not grouped or sorted. A grouping and sorting module could be of use here.

hash-join - compute hash joins on streaming collections

  •    Javascript

Create a new 2-way join r from the hashing functions a and b.Hashing functions should return falsy values if they don't match and otherwise should return the string id they should hash into.

join-stream - intersperse stream chunks with separators

  •    Javascript

Intersperse stream chunks with separators.Return a through stream that inserts the string or buffer separator sep between 'data' chunks.

node-graphjoiner - Implementing GraphQL with joins to avoid the N+1 problem

  •    Javascript

A naive GraphQL implementation would issue one SQL query to get the list of all books in the comedy genre, and then N queries to get the author of each book (where N is the number of books returned by the first query). There are various solutions proposed to this problem: GraphJoiner suggests that using joins is a natural fit for many use cases. For this specific case, we only need to run two queries: one to find the list of all books in the comedy genre, and one to get the authors of books in the comedy genre.

mosaic-image-stream - Streaming mosaic of multiple images into a single image

  •    Javascript

Take a 2-D array of input pixel-streams and mosaic them together into a single image. Everything is streams, so you can theoretically mosaic thousands of images into a megapixel image without much memory usage. See examples.

join-io - join files on a fly to reduce requests count

  •    Javascript

Join files on a fly to reduce requests count. join-io it's middleware that works with streams: open files and pipe them to response one-by-one, when everything is done, stream is closing. join-io based on readPipe function of files-io.

olinq - LINQ-like combinators for manipulations collections of data

  •    OCaml

The purpose is to provide powerful combinators to express iteration, transformation and combination of collections of items living in the type 'a t. Inspired from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_Integrated_Query . Permissive BSD license (see file license).

mongodb-addons - MongoDB add-ons for mongodb-native module

  •    Javascript

A helper class for building filters and it's a global variable.

react-knit - Join arrays of data like a pro in React

  •    Javascript

Array of data to process. Can be strings or React elements, or anything.

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