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superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript. Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate JavaScript data against them. Its type annotation API was inspired by Typescript, Flow, Go, and GraphQL, giving it a familiar and easy to understand API.

hapi-swagger - A Swagger interface for HAPI

  •    Javascript

This is a OpenAPI (aka Swagger) plug-in for HAPI When installed it will self document the API interface in a project. Release Notes for v9.0.x which only supports hapi v17 and above. Note: For hapi versions below v17, you must use versions v7.x.x of this module.

schm - Composable schemas for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

If you find this useful, please don't forget to star ⭐️ the repo, as this will help to promote the project. Follow me on Twitter and GitHub to keep updated about this project and others. schm is a library for creating immutable, composable, parseable and validatable (yeah, many *ables) schemas in JavaScript and Node.js. That's highly inspired by functional programming paradigm.

joi-router - Configurable, input and output validated routing for koa

  •    Javascript

Easy, rich and fully validated koa routing. NodeJS >= 7.6 is required.

webpack-validator - Validates your webpack config with Joi

  •    Javascript

Writing webpack configs is brittle and error-prone. This package provides a joi object schema for webpack configs. This gets you a) static type safety, b) property spell checking and c) semantic validations such as "loader and loaders can not be used simultaneously" or "query can only be used with loader, not with loaders". You're very welcome to give feedback & PR's.

joi-machine - Generate a Joi schema from some JSON or a JS object

  •    Javascript

Generate a Joi schema from some JSON or a JS object.Useful for creating a base to build your schema from when you have a big payload to validate.

seneca-joi - A Seneca.js plugin that validates messages using the joi module.

  •    Javascript

A Seneca.js plugin that validates messages using the joi module.You can validate action messages by providing joi rules as part of the action definition.

joi-date-extensions - Joi extensions for dates

  •    Javascript

Joi extensions for extra date rules.See the API Reference.

react-joi-forms - A Lib for form creation and validation, use in conjunction with Joi

  •    Javascript

A library that lets you create forms easily and painlessly from Joi Schemas. From simple CRUD forms to complex ones with custom input components... JoiForms has you covered. This code will render a login field and use Joi to validate the users entry,using the stock browser fields to render the UI.

relish - Better error messages for Hapi.js Joi validation

  •    Javascript

Joi provides awesome schema validation, but the error messages returned are not user-friendly. This package returns a more user-friendly version of Joi's default response and allows for custom error messages. Once initialized, this package exposes a custom failAction handler that can be used in your Hapi.js Route Options.

express-joi - A validation middleware for express using the Joi validation suite from Eran Hammer/Walmart Labs

  •    Javascript

A validation middleware for express using the Joi validation suite from Eran Hammer/Walmart Labs. If a validation error occurs it will either be handled by your express error handling middleware or thrown.

joi-ts-generator - Generate Typescript Types from Joi Schemae.

  •    TypeScript

This project is no longer maintained. If you wish to adopt the project, open an issue. You can then rebuild your types by running yarn regenerate-joi-types.


  •    Javascript

The goal is to provide best effort conversion from Joi objects to JSON Schema (draft-04) with the understanding that only some of Joi's schematics can be converted directly. Primarily this module exists to convert Joi schema objects for existing tools which happen to currently consume JSON Schema. Joi's conditional form, i.e. .when('name',{is:cond,then:joi,otherwise:joi}), is evaluated at runtime and since, from the perspective of the schema, there is no way of knowing what the condition might resolve to, this module takes the position that it should provide all possible resolutions in a JSON Schema oneOf:[] clause.

express-joi-validation - validate express application inputs and parameters using joi

  •    Javascript

You need to install joi along with this module for it to work since it relies on it as a peer dependency. Currently this module has only been tested with joi version 10.0 and higher. An example application can be found in the example/ folder of this repository.

jackal - Consumer Driven Contracts Microservice

  •    Javascript

A microservice for consumer-driven contract testing. Read about Jackal on the findmypast tech blog. Jackal should now be available at http://localhost:25863. A health endpoint is provided at /api/health.

joi-json - Builds Joi schemas from JSON

  •    Javascript

Creates Joi based object schemas from JSON. Install via npm.

lov - Lightweight Object Validator (LOV)

  •    Javascript

Validates objects based on validation schemas. Originally designed as a lightweight replacement for the popular Joi library (which is excellent but too heavy for use with smaller/lighter environments such as AWS Lambda). Install via npm.

react-schema-viewer - React Schema Viewer takes a schema ('json' | 'joi') as input and uses it to generate comprehensible views

  •    Javascript

React Schema Viewer takes a schema as input and uses it to generate comprehensible views. It has full support for Joi and JSON schema (version 3 and 4).

schemer - A Joi-inspired interface for formatting and validating data structures in PHP.

  •    PHP

Schemer is a Joi-inspired library for validating and formatting data structures. Complex structures' validators can be constructed by composition. We see that age is now an integer, and the friends key has been created with an empty array, as per the formatting instructions. When handling data from other sources, you'll probably want to attempt to format the data before validating it.

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