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raspi-io - An IO plugin for Johnny-Five that provides support for the Raspberry Pi

  •    Javascript

Raspi-io is a Firmata API compatible library for Raspbian running on the Raspberry Pi that can be used as an I/O plugin with Johnny-Five. The API docs for this module can be found on the Johnny-Five Wiki, except for the constructor which is documented below. Raspi IO supports all models of the Raspberry Pi, except for the Model A. If you have a bug report, feature request, or wish to contribute code, please be sure to check out the Contributing Guide.

galileo-io - Intel Galileo & Intel Edison IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

But keep in mind that these modules only delegate directly back to this module.This module is intended for use as an IO-Plugin for Johnny-Five.

imp-io - Electric Imp IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

To communicate with an Electric Imp using Johnny-Five w/ Imp-IO, you will need to upload the special Tyrion agent and device firmware through Electric Imp's IDE. We recommend you review Electric Imp's Getting Started before continuing.

nino-io - Linino One & Arduino Yun IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

Nino-IO scripts are run directly from the Linino One or Arduino Yun board. To get started, install Node.js on the board.For Nino-IO to operate correctly, the Arduino Yun or Linino One must be running both LininoOS and LininoIO. On a newly purchased Linino One this will already be the case. If you've purchased an Arduino Yun, it will be necessary to upgrade to LininoOS and LininoIO.

particle-io - Particle/Spark Core/Photon IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

In order to use the particle-io library, you will need to load the special voodoospark firmware onto your device. We recommend you review VoodooSpark's Getting Started before continuing. There is also a screencast of how to get started: Get Your Motor Running: Particle Photon and Johnny Five.Ensure your host computer (where you're running your Node.js application) and the Particle are on the same local network.

nodebots-workshop - Nodebots Workshop using NodeJS and Johnny-five

  •    Javascript

Make sure that you are using the NodeJS version is the same as .nvmrc file version. If you don't have this version please use a version manager such as nvm or n to manage your local nodejs versions. Repository using Arduino + Johnny Five + NodeJS used in my Nodebots Workshop.

jsiot-explorer - JSIOT workshop

  •    Javascript

This repository contains helpful information for installation and code examples for the NodeBots IoT session. There are some workshop slides that accompany this repository. If you're on Mac or Windows, you'll need to install the drivers for the arduino board. They are in the drivers folder. On Mac you may get a prompt about opening up the CodeBender site at one point. You can safely ignore this, however in the future if you're interested in programming and managing devices from a browser, the CodeBender project is really interesting.

tharp - An inverse kinematics solver for robots, optimized for Johnny-Five.

  •    Javascript

Tharp is an inverse kinematics solver and robot manager designed to work with Johnny-Five. It makes the hard things easy. Check out this video highlighting Tharp's performance. Tharp documentation can be found in the wiki.

beaglebone-io - BeagleBone Black IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

Johnny-Five IO Plugin for the BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone Green Wireless and PocketBeagle. BeagleBone-IO supports Node.js versions 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

j5-songs - Songs for Johnny-Five Piezo class

  •    Javascript

Copyright (c) 2014 Julian Duque, Brian Genisio. Licensed under the MIT license.

bean-io - Punchthrough LightBlue Bean IO for use with Johnny-five

  •    Javascript

We recommend you review Punchthrough's Getting Started guide before continuing. Make sure that libbluetooth-dev and bluez libraries are installed before installing bean-io.

remote-io - Remote control ANY Johnny-Five IO class via a virtual serialport

  •    Javascript

Remote-io is a Firmata-compatibility IO class for writing nodebot programs and provides remote interaction with any other Johnny-Five capable IO class. Now for the laptop on the left side of the picture, you can simply write johnny-five code that uses a virtual serial port. Your code uses the typical firmata IO class to talk to the remote-io instances.

oled-js - :tv: johnny-five compatible lib for OLED screens

  •    Javascript

This repo is a library compatible with Rick Waldron's johnny-five project. It adds support for I2C/SPI compatible monochrome OLED screens. Works with 128 x 32, 128 x 64 and 96 x 16 sized screens, of the SSD1306 OLED/PLED Controller (read the datasheet here). Got a MicroView from GeekAmmo/SparkFun? That'll work too.

johnnyfive-eon - Realtime data visualization with PubNub EON Demo & Arduino: Displaying the data sent by Arduino with DS18B20 temperature sensor using Johnny-Five

  •    HTML

You need to install Johnny-Five and PubNub to run the node.js code with Arduino. Once you get the data from the sensor, send the data to PubNub.

board-io - Allows for boards other than Arduinos loaded with Firmata to be used with johnny-five

  •    Javascript

An extendable implementation of Johnny Five's IO Plugins. Implements all required and optional methods, along with the required constants - MODE, HIGH, LOW, etc.

s63 - Ressusciter un téléphone à cadran S63 avec un RaspberryPi et NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Mes connaissances en éléctronique sont très limitées donc n'hésitez pas à me corriger et faire vos suggestions par email : julien@revolunet.com ou twitter : @revolunet. Intéressons-nous au mythique téléphone SOCOTEL S63, conçu au debut des années 60, qui a été énorme un succès commercial (des dizaines de millions d'exemplaires vendus) et reste un petit bijou de l'industrie de cette époque, d'une conception simple mais très fonctionnelle et d'une durabilité impressionnante. On peut le retrouver un peu partout dans le monde et dans les brocantes en très bon état pour moins de 10€.

pimatic-johnny-five - Pimatic Plugin for Johnny Five, a Robotics and IoT programming framework - http://johnny-five

  •    CoffeeScript

Pimatic Plugin for Johnny Five, a Robotics and IoT programming framework. For Arduino, the universal Firmata library is used which implements a protocol for the communication with host computer. Thus, there is no need to modify the Arduino sketch when new sensors or actuators are connected to your Arduino. Johnny Five also supports a variety of I2C and 1-Wire devices.