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CareerPath : Find the Job That You Deserve!

  •    CSharp

Are you unemployed, under employed or just seeking a new job? This application allows you to look up job applications for employers, keep track of all the companies that you applied and give reports on your job hunt.

aiojobs - Jobs scheduler for managing background task (asyncio)

  •    Python

The library gives controlled way for scheduling background tasks for asyncio applications.Feel free to post your questions and ideas here.

Foundatio.Samples - Foundatio Samples

  •    CSharp

A sample application that shows off some of the features of Foundatio. For all of the examples below, please take a look at the JavaScript console (Press F12 now) for client side messages via SignalR.By default this example will use the in memory versions of Foundatio. In memory versions do not scale across processes or persist information across application restarts. To scale out out this example, please uncomment the RedisConnectionString in the web.config and ensure redis is installed.

bootique-job - Provides a job execution framework with Bootique integration

  •    Java

Provides a job execution framework with Bootique integration

meson - Clojure Client Library for the Mesos HTTP API

  •    Clojure

meson noun. A functional particle composed of a Mesos deployment and a Mesos HTTP API service bound together by the strongly interacting force of Clojure. This project is a work in progress.

pyccc - Asynchronous job and file i/o management for containers

  •    Python

A lightweight, high-level python library for running asynchronous commands in docker containers and handling their input and output files. Nothing currently! It originally stood for Cloud Compute Cannon, which this project originally contained bindings for.