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Sidekiq - Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

  •    Ruby

Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby. Sidekiq uses threads to handle many jobs at the same time in the same process. It does not require Rails but will integrate tightly with Rails 3/4 to make background processing dead simple. Sidekiq uses multithreading so it is much more memory efficient than Resque (which forks a new process for every job).

workq - Job server in Go

  •    Go

Workq is a job scheduling server strictly focused on simplifying job processing and streamlining coordination. It can run jobs in blocking foreground or non-blocking background mode. Workq runs as a standalone TCP server and implements a simple, text based protocol. Clients interact with Workq over a TCP socket in a request/response model with text commands. Please refer to the full protocol doc for details.


  •    Javascript

There may continue to be specific use-cases for firebase-queue, however if you're looking for a general purpose, scalable queueing system for Firebase then it is likely that building on top of Google Cloud Functions for Firebase is the ideal route. A fault-tolerant, multi-worker, multi-stage job pipeline built on the Firebase Realtime Database.


  •    Javascript

A fault-tolerant, multi-worker, multi-stage job pipeline built on Firebase

goworker - Go-based background worker

  •    Go

goworker is a Go-based background worker that runs 10 to 100,000* times faster than Ruby-based workers. goworker is compatible with Resque, so you can push your jobs with Rails and Resque, and consume them with Go in the background

Jesque - Job queue in Java

  •    Java

Jesque is an implementation of Resque in Java. It is fully-interoperable with the Ruby and Node.js (Coffee-Resque) implementations.

Bee Queue - A simple, fast, robust job/task queue for Node.js, backed by Redis

  •    Javascript

A simple, fast, robust job/task queue for Node.js, backed by Redis.Bee-Queue is meant to power a distributed worker pool and was built with short, real-time jobs in mind. A web server can enqueue a job, wait for a worker process to complete it, and return its results within an HTTP request. Scaling is as simple as running more workers.

node-resque - It's Resque... For node! Background jobs using redis.

  •    Javascript

new queue requires only the "queue" variable to be set. You can also pass the jobs hash to it.The configuration hash passed to new NodeResque.Worker, new NodeResque.Scheduler or new NodeResque.Queue can also take a connection option.

node-kue-sweeper - a simple nodejs service to remove kue job upon completion

  •    CoffeeScript

kue is a handy redis-backed job processing module. But when using kue for processing millions of jobs, we have met following circumstances incuring memory leaking. Copyright (c) 2013 yi Licensed under the MIT license.

barbeque - Redis-based task queue library inspired by Celery and Kue.

  •    Javascript

Barbeque is Redis-based task queue library for Node.js, inspired by Celery and Kue. See the contributors.

GearmaNode - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for the Gearman distributed job system with support for multiple servers. See version.js for detailed changelog.

task-easy - A simple, customizable, and lightweight priority queue for promises.

  •    Javascript

A simple, customizable, and lightweight priority queue for promise based tasks. TaskEasy is built as an extension of a simple heap data structure. Tasks are queued by simply passing a task (function) to the .schedule method along with an array of arguments to be called as well as an object to describe the task's relative priority. The caller is returned a promise which will resolve once the scheduled task has ran. Priority determination is left up to the user via a function that accepts task priority object and returns a judgement.

blezer - :confetti_ball: :battery: Simple background job/task processing queue for Node

  •    Javascript

Blezer is a simple background job/task processing queue for Node.js (>= 7.6) using cluster & separate Node processes, powered by Redis. Each job triggers an execution of a Task i.e. a recipe what to do for that job. It is defined as a class with perform method. Task corresponds to Worker from similar projects such as resque or sidekiq. It is named this way to avoid the clash with cluster workers.

snakepit - Machine learning job scheduler

  •    Javascript

The Snakepit service has not gone through an in-depth security-audit yet. Therefore you should not offer unknown/random users access to your service. This following instructions are intended for administrative Snakepit users who want to configure and run an own Snakepit cluster.

node-rethinkdb-job-queue - A persistent job or task queue backed by RethinkDB.

  •    Javascript

rethinkdb-job-queue is a persistent job or task queue backed by RethinkDB. It has been built as an alternative to the many queues available on NPM. Please Star on GitHub / NPM and Watch for updates.

tossit - Library for distributed job/worker logic.

  •    CSharp

Simple, easy to use library for distributed job/worker logic. Distributed messages handled by built in RabbitMQ implementation. You need to install Tossit.RabbitMQ and Tossit.WorkQueue nuget packages.