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Pyres - Job queue in Python

  •    Python

Pyres is a Resque clone. Resque is a great implementation of a job queue by the people at github.

seja-um-guia-front - Instruções e detalhes sobre ser um Frontend Engineer no Guiabolso


Aqui no Guiabolso trabalhamos em duplas. Nosso time é multidisciplinar, com foco no produto e na evolução tecnológica dos nossos sistemas.Em um ambiente descontraído, prezamos pela qualidade e participação ativa dos desenvolvedores na construção da nossa plataforma. Temos um carinho especial pelo usuário, direcionando nossas decisões pela experiência e fazendo constantes ajustes para alinhar os nossos sistemas com as necessidades do mercado.

run-after - Run a command after given time based on english-time

  •    Ruby

Run a command after given time based on english-time.See english-time for more examples and full reference of the supported time inputs.

mail-listener - Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

  •    CoffeeScript

Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived to inbox. Uses IMAP protocol. We are using these libraries: node-imap, mailparser.

schedule-rs - An in-process scheduler for periodic jobs

  •    Rust

An in-process scheduler for periodic jobs. Schedule lets you run Rust functions on a cron-like schedule. Schedule is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).

factotum - A system to programmatically run data pipelines

  •    Rust

A dag running tool designed for efficiently running complex jobs with non-trivial dependency trees. Specifying variables in the job file can be done using --env JSON (or -e JSON). The JSON here is free-form and needs to correspond to the placeholders you've set in your job.

automation - :repeat: Automation Antares Project Component

  •    PHP

Automation is a module used to executte cyclic operations based on laravel task scheduler. It serves as a replacement for setting up your own cron jobs to make it easier to manage. It provides an intuitive control interface on the admin level. Automation can run tasks every few minutes, hourly, daily or weekly - depending how you set it up. Scheduled data is stored in the system database. Antares Automation Module documentation can be found at antaresproject.io/docs/core_modules/automation.

JobWanted - 找工作 (喜欢就赏颗星星呗!) 【演示地址】:http://job.haojima.net

  •    CSharp

找工作 (喜欢就赏颗星星呗!) 【演示地址】:http://job.haojima.net

iBooks - 计算机图书,java,mysql,架构类,web


部门现在急招,要求一大批 2 年工作经验以上的 JAVA 程序员.目前只针对 JAVA.其他也会有.自己去招聘网站搜索.有意向职位,自己有信心也可以来找我面试,个人觉得自己是个很靠谱的内推人.在正式进入流程前,我会对你先进行一次模拟面试.帮你了解面试过程中会遇到的问题.已经自己需要准备的地方.这样的话能够充分的表现出你自己的潜力.避免被坑.且我会随时沟通面试进度.帮你掌握第一手的资料.并且帮你提高自身,了解自己的不足之处.