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Fireworq - Lightweight, high-performance, language-independent job queue system

  •    Go

Fireworq is a lightweight, high-performance job queue system with the following abilities. It is available from ANY programming language which can talk HTTP. It works with a single binary without external dependencies. It is built on top of RDBMS (MySQL), so that jobs won't be lost even if the job queue process dies. You can apply an ordinary replication scheme to the underlying DB for the reliability of the DB itself.

Jesque - Job queue in Java

  •    Java

Jesque is an implementation of Resque in Java. It is fully-interoperable with the Ruby and Node.js (Coffee-Resque) implementations.

node-resque - It's Resque... For node! Background jobs using redis.

  •    Javascript

new queue requires only the "queue" variable to be set. You can also pass the jobs hash to it.The configuration hash passed to new NodeResque.Worker, new NodeResque.Scheduler or new NodeResque.Queue can also take a connection option.

Akka.Quartz.Actor - Quartz scheduling actor

  •    CSharp

This is the Quartz integration plugin for Akka.NET.Now message "Hello" will be delivered to receiver every 5 seconds.

empujar - When you need to push data around, you push it. A node.js ETL tool.

  •    Javascript

When you need to push data around, you push it. Push it real good. An ETL and Operations tool.Empujar's top level object is a "book", which contains "chapters" and then "pages". Chapters are excecuted 1-by-1 in order, and then each page in a chapter can be run in parallel (up to a threading limit you specify).

GearmaNode - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for the Gearman distributed job system with support for multiple servers. See version.js for detailed changelog.

blezer - :confetti_ball: :battery: Simple background job/task processing queue for Node

  •    Javascript

Blezer is a simple background job/task processing queue for Node.js (>= 7.6) using cluster & separate Node processes, powered by Redis. Each job triggers an execution of a Task i.e. a recipe what to do for that job. It is defined as a class with perform method. Task corresponds to Worker from similar projects such as resque or sidekiq. It is named this way to avoid the clash with cluster workers.

compose-to-batch - A CLI tool to transform a docker-compose.yml into an AWS Batch job definition

  •    Javascript

A CLI tool to transform a docker-compose.yml into an AWS Batch job definition. When you're ready to deploy to Batch, the following command will safely exclude your secret keys from the generated batch job definition and use the job role instead.

workflow-controller - Kubernetes workflow controller

  •    Go

A simple Kubernetes workflow controller. TODO: add more explanations. At this point the workflow-controller will start to handle the jobs.


  •    Javascript

'on-taskgraph' is the core workflow engine for RackHD, initiating workflows, performing tasks, and responding to ancillary services to enable the RackHD service. For more in-depth information about the workflow engine see our readthedocs page.