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OSHI - Native Operating System and Hardware Information

  •    Java

OSHI is a free JNA-based (native) Operating System and Hardware Information library for Java. It does not require the installation of any additional native libraries and aims to provide a cross-platform implementation to retrieve system information, such as OS version, processes, memory & CPU usage, disks & partitions, devices, sensors, etc.

SystemTray - Cross-platform SystemTray support for Swing/AWT, GtkStatusIcon, and AppIndicator on Java 8+

  •    Java

Professional, cross-platform SystemTray support for Swing/AWT, GtkStatusIcon, and AppIndicator on Java 6+. This library provides OS Native menus and Swing/AWT menus, depending on the OS and Desktop Environment and if AutoDetect (the default) is enabled.

java-cpp-example - Example of using C++ classes from Java. Showcases SWIG, JNA and JNI

  •    C++

This repository contains three examples of calling a simple C++ library from Java code. The library doesn't do anything but contains a class, MyClass, forcing us to support C++ (and not just plain C).

go-cshared-examples - Calling Go Functions from Other Languages using C Shared Libraries

  •    C

This respository contains source examples for the article Calling Go Functions from Other Languages (medium.com). Using the -buildmode=c-shared build flag, the compiler outputs a standard shared object binary file (.so) exposing Go functions as a C-style APIs. This lets programmers create Go libraries that can be called from other languages including C, Python, Ruby, Node, and Java (see contributed example for Lua) as done in this repository. The following Go source exports four functions Add, Cosine, Sort, and Log. Admittedly, the awesome library is not that impressive. However, its diverse function signatures will help us explore type mapping implications.

Xena - Lightweight, lighting-fast Java Based Cross-Platform CSGO Cheat

  •    Kotlin

Xena is a CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) cheat made from scratch written in Java. Xena is built from the ground up with garbage-free, high performance, low resource usage programming practices in mind. Xena works thanks to the power on JNA (https://github.com/java-native-access/jna) to provide very easy direct mapping to native classes. Before doing anything, make sure you have Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 or later installed. This is NOT the same thing as the regular Java Runtime (JRE), and you MUST install the JDK in order to build Xena, as well as any other Java software.

clj-curl - curl for clojure

  •    Clojure

curl for clojure using JNA, because we love curl. Clojure definitely has excellent libraries to handle http connections like clj-http and other things, however, none of them are complete as curl. There is a very good reason why curl has been ported for almost every programming language there is, because curl is just awesome. Curl supports a lot of protocols, like HTTP(S), FTP(S), SFTP, IMAP(S), POP3(S), TFTP, SMB, SCP, RTMP, TELNET and more, check out protocols list for the full list. The curl's easy API is really easy. This sentence is not redundant as it appear, curl easy API is easy to use even with pure C, and it is so simple and well done that can be easily ported to other programming languages.

clj-xlsxio - XLSXIO bidings por clojure

  •    Clojure

Java (and therefore clojure) has lots of libraries to deal with xlsx files, but all of them depends on Apache POI one way or another. Apache POI is a HUGE library, it takes a lot of memory and it is too smart, in a bad way. Apache POI gets in the user way a lot of times, it tries to behave like exactly like Excel, even if the user don't want to. Parsing dates and numbers with Apache POI is MUCH HARDER than it should be, it reads the spreadsheet locale and will format everything to behave like Excel on that region, numbers a lot of times are converted to scientific notation, it is hard to know where Apache POI will give dates on MM/dd/yyyy, dd/MM/yyyy, d/M/yy, M/d/yy and etc. It is always a pain in the ass waste 90% of the time with this types of things instead of working on real useful code. This library is very dumb, which sometimes that is the best. Everything will be returned as the exact string that is written on the xlsx. Numbers will be returned as strings and will never be converted to a different formatting and dates will be returned in Excel timestamp (which can be easily converted to UNIX timestamp and therefore any date format you want).

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