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IronJacamar - Java Connector

  •    Java

IronJacamar is an implementation of the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.7 specification. Java EE Connector Architecture defines a contract for how so-called Enterprise Information Systems integrate with the Java Enterprise Edition Platform. Enterprise Information Systems include databases, messaging systems, and other servers/systems external to an application server.

Hornetq - Enterprise messaging

  •    Java

HornetQ is the new ultra high performance enterprise grade messaging system from JBoss community. It is a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system. It offers server replication and automatic client failover to eliminate lost or duplicated messages in case of server failure. It also provides a comprehensive management API to manage & monitor servers.

Apache Qpid - AMQP Enterprise Messaging Implementation.

  •    C++

Apache Qpid implements the latest AMQP specification, the first open standard for enterprise messaging, and provides transaction management, queuing, distribution, security, management, clustering, federation and heterogeneous multi-platform support and a lot more.

stream-reactor - Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect

  •    Scala

Lenses offers SQL (for data browsing and Kafka Streams), Kafka Connect connector management, cluster monitoring and more. A collection of components to build a real time ingestion pipeline.

messaging-replication - eXist-db messaging and document replication extension (JMS based)

  •    Java

This is the eXist-db extension providing 'messaging' and 'document replication' features based on JMS technology.Please consult the WiKi for documentation and more information about this extension.

amazon-sqs-java-messaging-lib - This Amazon SQS Java Messaging Library holds the Java Message Service compatible classes, that are used for communicating with Amazon Simple Queue Service

  •    Java

The Amazon SQS Java Messaging Library holds the Java Message Service compatible classes, that are used for communicating with Amazon Simple Queue Service.

kafka-connect-ui - Web tool for Kafka Connect |

  •    Javascript

This is a web tool for Kafka Connect for setting up and managing connectors for multiple connect clusters.


  •    Java

The IBMStreams/streamsx.messaging toolkit project is an open source Streams toolkit project focused on the development of operators and functions that extend IBM InfoSphere Streams ability to interact with messaging systems.

amqp-kafka-demo - Bridging AMQP - Kafka demo

  •    Java

This demo shows how it's possible to use the AMQP protocol for sending/receiving messages to/from Apache Kafka cluster. It's based on using an EnMasse deployment which is a Maas (Messaging as a Service) platform running on OpenShift. This platform provides the messaging infrastructure for connecting using different protocols like AMQP and MQTT and this specific demo also uses the AMQP-Kafka bridge component in order to have a "gate" for accessing Apache Kafka topics through AMQP semantics. The Apache Kafka cluster is deployed using the barnabas project available under the same EnMasse umbrella. More information about single deployed components are available at related projects repositories.

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