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jina - Cloud-native neural search framework for ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™ฎ kind of data

  •    Python

Jina๐Ÿ”Š is a neural search framework that empowers anyone to build SOTA & scalable deep learning search applications in minutes. ๐ŸŒŒ All data types - Large-scale indexing and querying of any kind of unstructured data: video, image, long/short text, music, source code, PDF, etc.

examples - Jina examples and demos to help you get started

  •    Python

These examples showcase Jina in action and provide sample code for you to work from. Copyright (c) 2021 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved.

jinabox.js - A lightweight, customizable omnibox in Javascript, for use with a Jina backend.

  •    Javascript

jinabox.js is a lightweight, customizable set of components for querying and displaying results from Jina flows. You can use it for searching text, images, videos, audio or any kind of data with a Jina backend.

action-hub-builder - Simple interface for building & validating Jina Hub executors.

  •    Python

hub-builder is a simple interface for building & validating Jina Hub executors. It is built on top of jina hub interface. It can be used as a Github action in the CICD workflow, or via CLI. One can use it as a part of CI pipeline, to build and test images in the Pull Request. Simply copy-paste the following YAML file into .github/workflows/hub-builder.yml.

career - Find out job opportunities at Jina AI


This repo is archived. Please visit https://career.jina.ai for latest jobs.

cookiecutter-jina - Cookiecutter template for a Jina project

  •    Python

If you have differences in your preferred setup, I encourage you to fork this to create your own version. Or create your own; it doesn't strictly have to be a fork. Once you have your own version working, add it to the Similar Cookiecutter Templates list above with a brief description.

docs - Jina V1 Official Documentation. For the latest one, please check out https://docs.jina.ai

  •    HTML

“Open source is this magical thing right? You release code, and the code gnomes come and make it better for you. Not quite. There are lots of ways that open source is amazing, but it doesn’t exist outside the laws of physics. You have to put work in, to get work out.

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