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DotCi - DotCi Jenkins github integration, .ci.yml http://groupon.github.io/DotCi

  •    Java

Brings ease of build configuration of cloud ci systems like travisci and ease of runtime environment configuration of docker to jenkins.

ansible-role-jenkins - Ansible Role - Jenkins CI

  •    Groovy

Installs Jenkins CI on RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu servers. Requires curl to be installed on the server. Also, newer versions of Jenkins require Java 8+ (see the test playbooks inside the tests/ directory for an example of how to use newer versions of Java for your OS).

gojenkins - Jenkins API Client in Go

  •    Go

Jenkins is the most popular Open Source Continuous Integration system. This Library will help you interact with Jenkins in a more developer-friendly way.By default, gojenkins will use the http.DefaultClient if none is passed into the CreateJenkins() function.

fabric8-platform - Generates the distribution of the fabric8 microservices platform

  •    Shell

From version 4.x onwards of the fabric8 platform there are a core set of shared services which are shared by all users then a set of services created for each user/team which we refer to as tenant services.Each user/team can get their own Jenkins, Che and Content Repository.

drupal-jenkins-multisite - Jenkins server example to manage a Drupal multisite installation.

  •    Shell

This repository contains a working example of a Jenkins server set up to manage a Drupal multisite installation on a separate server. After the playbook completes, visit http://localhost/. The default login is admin:admin.

gitarro - run all your test against a github Pull request

  •    Ruby

It can run on any system that is able to use ruby and octokit. See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

docker-jenkins-android - Jenkins docker image for Android development


Jenkins docker image for Android development. NB: While building the image, it automatically accepts the Android SDK licenses.

devspace - Continuous integration tool for OME projects

  •    Shell

Devspace is a Continuous Integration tool managed by Jenkins CI providing an automation framework that runs repeated jobs. The default deployment initializes a Jenkins CI master with a predefined set of jobs. Running Devspace requires access to SSH and Git configuration files used for fetching and pushing the Git repositories.

jenkins-pipeline - :chart_with_upwards_trend: Learn how to implement container technologies with your Jenkins CI/CD workflows to make them easier to manage in this tutorial

  •    Java

This repository is a tutorial it tries to exemplify how to automatically manage the process of building, testing with the highest coverage, and deployment phases. Since one of the goals is to obtain the sonarqube report of our project, we should be able to access sonarqube from the jenkins service. Docker compose is a best choice to run services working together. We configure our application services in a yaml file as below.

ci-detector - Detect continuous integration server and provide unified access to properties of current build

  •    PHP

Simple PHP library to detect in what continuous integration server is current script being run and to provide unified interface for accessing the build properties. The detection is based on environment variables injected to the build environment by each of continuous integration server. However, these variables are named differently in each CI. This library contains adapter for each supported CI server which handles these differences so you don't have to and you can make your scripts (and especially CLI tools) portable for multiple build environments.

cdeasy - Continuous Delivery made Easy ;)

  •    Groovy

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

bitnami-docker-jenkins - Bitnami Docker Image for Jenkins

  •    Dockerfile

Jenkins is widely recognized as the most feature-rich CI available with easy configuration, continuous delivery and continuous integration support, easily test, build and stage your app, and more. It supports multiple SCM tools including CVS, Subversion and Git. It can execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven-based projects as well as arbitrary scripts. NOTE: Debian 8 images have been deprecated in favor of Debian 9 images. Bitnami will not longer publish new Docker images based on Debian 8.

butler - Export/Import Jenkins jobs & plugins ๐Ÿ“ค

  •    Go

CLI to import/export Jenkins jobs & plugins. Below are the available downloads for the latest version of Butler (1.0.0). Please download the proper package for your operating system and architecture.

docker-for-all - Docker applied in development, devops, testing, product management etc.

  •    Ruby

Every industry is undergoing significant fast-paced changes with the disruption of technologies, that were once only in our imagination. Software and Hardware democratization, open source, internet as information equalizer, crowd collaboration, MOOC, IoT - the list is unending. As a technologist and having deep respect for the effort that engineers put in, I feel an obligation to contribute to the democratization. Contrary to the belief of folks who live in the fear that "machines will overtake the world!", I believe that machines and automation will actually make the world better, efficient and exciting to live in. Even if that were NOT the case, the solution would be NOT to fear, but step up your game and get ahead of machines (Do you have another option?). So regardless, I feel we should embrace technologies with optimism and view machines as complementing human skills.

module-ci-public - The public documentation for the gruntwork-io/module-ci repo, which contains modules to automate common CI tasks, such as installing dependencies, running tests, and publishing releases

  •    HCL

This repo contains modules to automate common CI tasks, such as installing dependencies, running tests, and publishing releases. Check out the modules folder to see the available modules. Head over to the examples folder for examples.

jenkins-rest - Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Jenkins REST API

  •    Java

Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Jenkins REST API. Client's do NOT need supply the endPoint or credentials as part of instantiating the JenkinsClient object. Instead one can supply them through system properties, environment variables, or a combination of the 2. System properties will be searched first and if not found we will attempt to query the environment.

Learning-Continuous-Integration-with-Jenkins-Second-Edition - Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins – Second Edition, published by Packt

  •    Groovy

This is the code repository for Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins - Second Edition, published by Packt. It contains all the supporting project files necessary to work through the book from start to finish. In past few years, agile software development has seen tremendous growth. There is a huge demand for software delivery solutions that are fast yet flexible to numerous amendments. As a result, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies are gaining popularity.