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taurus - Automation-friendly framework for Continuous Testing by

  •    Python

Hides the complexity of performance and functional tests with an automation-friendly convenience wrapper. Taurus relies on JMeter, Gatling, Locust.io, Grinder and Selenium WebDriver as its underlying tools. Free and open source under Apache 2.0 License. More detailed instructions for Linux, Mac OS and Windows available here.

newman - Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman

  •    Javascript

Supercharge your API workflow Modern software is built on APIs. Postman helps you develop APIs faster. Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman. It allows you to effortlessly run and test a Postman collection directly from the command-line. It is built with extensibility in mind so that you can easily integrate it with your continuous integration servers and build systems.

Selunit - Selenium + Continuous Integration

  •    Java

Selunit combines comprehensively Selenium tests in Selenese HTML format (default Selenium IDE format) with Continuous Integration. It provides a flexible Maven plugin for executing Selenese suites in batch and outputs test results in JUnit format. This allows running, controlling and analyzing Selenium tests and reports within all modern CI servers e.g. Hudson or Jenkins without additional tools.

job-dsl-gradle-example - An example Job DSL project that uses Gradle for building and testing.

  •    Groovy

An example Job DSL project that uses Gradle for building and testing. Check out this presentation for a walkthrough of this example (starts around 14:00). ./gradlew test runs the specs.

Windows Azure Storage Plugin (Jenkins/Hudson)

  •    Java

A Hudson CI plugin for uploading build artifacts into the Windows Azure Blob storage. (Also works with Jenkins)

gojenkins - Jenkins API Client in Go

  •    Go

Jenkins is the most popular Open Source Continuous Integration system. This Library will help you interact with Jenkins in a more developer-friendly way.By default, gojenkins will use the http.DefaultClient if none is passed into the CreateJenkins() function.

jenkins-os - Groovy pipeline jobs that build and test Container Linux with Jenkins

  •    Groovy

The Jenkins jobs that build and test Container Linux are implemented as Pipeline projects. The Groovy code that defines these jobs, the initialization procedure, and utility library functions is found here.Each Container Linux build starts from the os/manifest job with a manifest defined in a Git repository. Jenkins takes one of these manifests, possibly modifies it for development builds, and uploads the final version to a Git repository of build manifests.

runbld - It wraps!

  •    Clojure

When you need the power of Jenkins, but the sanity of change management.To see all of the tests passing there are several dependencies that need to be installed.

jenkins-ec2-https - How to setup Jenkins CI on EC2 with https access

  •    Shell

How to setup Jenkins CI on EC2 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) with https access.This task took me three hours reading a lot of web pages and lots of trial and error. To make your life easier this is what you need to do to setup a Jenkins CI instance using your AWS account.

fabric8-pipeline-library - Fabric8 Pipeline for Jenkins

  •    Groovy

This git repository contains a library of reusable Jenkins Pipeline steps and functions that can be used in your Jenkinsfile to help improve your Continuous Delivery pipeline.The idea is to try promote sharing of scripts across projects where it makes sense.

fabric8-platform - Generates the distribution of the fabric8 microservices platform

  •    Shell

From version 4.x onwards of the fabric8 platform there are a core set of shared services which are shared by all users then a set of services created for each user/team which we refer to as tenant services.Each user/team can get their own Jenkins, Che and Content Repository.

pipeline-aws-plugin - Jenkins Pipeline Step Plugin for AWS

  •    Java

This plugins adds Jenkins pipeline steps to interact with the AWS API. the withAWS step provides authorization for the nested steps. You can provide region and profile information or let Jenkins assume a role in another or the same AWS account. You can mix all parameters in one withAWS block.

stashnotifier-plugin - A Jenkins Plugin to notify Atlassian Stash|Bitbucket of build results

  •    Java

Jenkins plugin to notify Atlassian Stash (Bitbucket) git repository servers of build results through the Stash build API.

docker-jenkins-android - Jenkins docker image for Android development


Jenkins docker image for Android development. NB: While building the image, it automatically accepts the Android SDK licenses.

canon-jenkins - Jenkins Rackspace Cannon Theme

  •    CSS

CSS and JS to implement Rackspace Canon as a theme for Jenkins CI. Compatible with Jenkins UI post-1.572. For pre-1.572, see below.

jx - A command line tool for installing and working with Jenkins X

  •    Go

Then install Docker for Mac. This contains the HyperKit binary you will need to run Kubernetes on your Mac.