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django-jenkins - Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins

  •    Python

This will create reports/ directory with junit xml, Coverage and Pylint reports. If present, it is supposed to be a list/tuple of django apps for Jenkins to run. Tests, reports, and coverage are generated only for the apps from this list.

jenkins-build-monitor-plugin - Jenkins CI Build Monitor Plugin

  •    Java

Build Monitor Plugin provides a highly visible view of the status of selected Jenkins jobs. It easily accommodates different computer screen sizes and is ideal as an Extreme Feedback Device to be displayed on a screen on your office wall. (Inspired by the no longer maintained RadiatorView plugin).

jenkins-ec2-https - How to setup Jenkins CI on EC2 with https access

  •    Shell

How to setup Jenkins CI on EC2 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) with https access.This task took me three hours reading a lot of web pages and lots of trial and error. To make your life easier this is what you need to do to setup a Jenkins CI instance using your AWS account.


  •    Java

This is a Jenkins notifier to publish build results using the lightweight MQTT protocol. In order to use the plugin you will need an MQTT broker to which to publish the notifications.

Jenkins-stats - Tool for gathering job data from the Jenkins CI system (https://jenkins-ci

  •    Python

Tool for gathering job data from the Jenkins CI system (https://jenkins-ci.org/) and generating summary stat reports and graphs. These reports cover metrics such as success/failure rates and job duration. Used initially for jobs triggered by OpenStack Zuul (https://docs.openstack.org/infra/zuul/) but should work with other Jenkins jobs too.