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byte-buddy - Runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine

  •    Java

Byte Buddy is a code generation and manipulation library for creating and modifying Java classes during the runtime of a Java application and without the help of a compiler. Other than the code generation utilities that ship with the Java Class Library, Byte Buddy allows the creation of arbitrary classes and is not limited to implementing interfaces for the creation of runtime proxies. Furthermore, Byte Buddy offers a convenient API for changing classes either manually, using a Java agent or during a build.

ApplicationInsights-Java - Application Insights SDK for Java

  •    Java

This is the repository of the Java SDK for Visual Studio Application Insights. Application Insights is a service that monitors the availability, performance and usage of your application. The SDK sends telemetry about the performance and usage of your app to the Application Insights service where your data can be visualized in the Azure Portal. The SDK automatically collects telemetry about HTTP requests, dependencies, and exceptions. You can also use the SDK to send your own events and trace logs.After you upgrade, you'll need to merge back any customizations you made to ApplicationInsights.xml. Take a copy of it to compare with the new file.

jmxtrans-agent - Java Agent based JMX metrics exporter.

  •    Java

jmxtrans-agent is a version of jmxtrans intended to be used as a java agent. JmxTrans Agent has zero dependencies to ease integration.To select which attributes to collect, use the attribute or attributes attribute on the query element. attribute accepts a single attribute while attributes accepts a comma-separated list of attributes to collect. If you do not specify any attributes, all attributes of the MBean will be dynamically discovered and collected. Use the expression language #attribute# in the resultAlias to use the attribute name in the metric name when collecting many attributes.

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